Getting Started with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Basic Steps Explained

Affiliate Marketing is a very popular and effective business model to make money online. However, the most basic methods and steps of Affiliate Marketing may not be clear to many people. The following content brings you to these basic steps. We usually talk about making money with affiliate marketing, which means selling other people's products/services to earn a commission.

Affiliate marketing is not an immediate money-making model, or it can make a lot of money in a very short period of time. This is the same as the business principle in the real world, and it takes a certain amount of time to accumulate. As for the length of time and how much money you can make, it depends on your understanding and hard work. Any business can make money, it just depends on how you do it.

How does affiliate marketing make dollars?

The biggest advantage of this kind of business model is that it does not require much investment, background, experience. It needs study, working time. And this successful model can be copied, and everyone can do it.

If you are ready, let's start

Basic steps of Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing steps to make money

Countless people buy and sell various products online every day. This is full of huge business opportunities for affiliate marketers. (Things that cannot be done in the real world are possible in the virtual world, breaking geographical and time constraints.)

The task or goal of affiliate marketers is to build a bridge to connect these people who are looking for products or services online (those people who are interested in a specific field are called audience as well) . Then generate sales and earn commissions.

Okay, let me briefly describe the process of affiliate marketing.

First, Choose your marketing direction-niche

In my opinion, sometimes the virtual world has advantages over the real world. It can be said that you can make money with any product/market on the Internet. However, you need to choose a direction. Doing everything is equivalent to nothing. It is best to start with something you are familiar with or interested in, and then turn them into a profitable business.

Positioning of niche niche market

The niche itself does not matter whether it is good or bad, any niche can make money. However, the following principles should be followed while choosing a niche:

(1) Don't be too broad or too narrow

To give a simple example. TV isn't a marketing direction ( not a niche), but Smart Android TV can be regarded as a marketing direction, a niche.

(2) The niche should be low competition

You'd better search the degree of competition before starting a niche site. This competition query of niche is actually a keyword query. Just search a keyword or item on google and check out how many search results there are. If there are too many search results, it means that it is highly competitive. If there are more than 300 search results, it is difficult for your website to rank, that is to say, it is difficult to make money. (Such search refers to a precise search, a keyword with quotation marks on google, such as "Smart Android TV")

(3) A market with a certain number of consumer groups ( your audiences )

The smaller the marketing direction, the lower degree of competition, and the more accurate the customer, but there must be a certain limit in detail. If the consumer group and the market are too small, there will be too little profit. That is to say, the keywords should have a certain search volume. The number of search results should be less than 100, and the less the better.

For more details about search volumes of niche, please check Jaaxy Instructions.

As a newbie, if you make a website called how to make money online, I believe that in this direction, you will not make money. If you do a Google search, you will find that the competition is too fierce and the top websites are extremely professional and your website cannot be ranked.

However, a niche site has a great advantage: it can be adjusted at any time if the direction is wrong.

Related Tutorial: What is a niche

Second, build your own website

A website is a platform or a carrier. This is the most basic thing. After completing niche research and getting the direction, the next step is to build your own website. The website is your business, your company. Your website is a bridge that connects customers with products, and then you earn commissions from it. And this is the basic concept of affiliate marketing.

Build your own website

There is another important reason why you should have your own website:

The so-called affiliate marketing is that you can sell other people's products for free. When you join an affiliate program, you will be assigned a special unique link (affiliate link) through which you can earn commissions. However, many advertising sites such as Facebook ( Meta ), Google aAds, etc. do not allow you to directly use this link to advertise. You only have to put it on your website and then make money by promoting your website.

With your own website, you can be independent and not controlled by others.

(1) Obtain a domain name

The domain name is the first step of building a website.

The domain name is the address of your online company and the brand of your business. The domain name is not taken casually. For example, if you are in a TV business, the domain name should include words such as TV and television. For details, seeThis article

(2) Website hosting and building tool

With the house number, you also need a place to store the content of your website, such as various files, videos, etc. This is a virtual host. Virtual hosting providers now basically come with free site-building tools. The two are already integrated.

Free web hosting and website tool providers: (recommended): Free website building tool for virtual hosting services. You can get subdomain ( free ) and primary domain names. I recommend this for several important reasons: Step by step tutorial video; All WordPress questions can be answered here; Easy website builder ( please read build a site just within 1 minute. )

Third, choose the right affiliate network/program to join

There are many types and numbers of affiliate networks, with different standards and requirements. Not all affiliate networks join for free. Although some are allowed to join for free, the requirements are extremely high. They don't allow new websites with no income or low traffic to join them. And some, although new websites are allowed to join, are not suitable for novice ( difficult to make money ).

How to choose alliance platforms and products

For example,

Amazon Affiliate Program is a very famous and popular one, but there are two problems that it is difficult for novices to make money:

  1. Low Commission: At the beginning, only 4%, at least 6 or more successfully sold each month, the commission ratio can be increased
  2. The cookie is only valid for 24 hours: If your audience doesn't put products in the shopping cart by clicking your affiliate link within 24 hours, you cannot get commission ( even if he/she buy it at last).

Clickbank is a famous affiliate marketing platform of virtual products, but it is difficult for novices to make money for several reasons.

  • After the first product is sold, if there is no new sale, a processing fee of $5 per month will be deducted.
  • At least 2 payment methods. Paypal, credit card, and so on. For example, If you have earned $ 1000, they are all paid by PayPal. Then you cannot get your money.
  • There are so many fake products on Clickbank that novices can’t distinguish

and many more.

So what are the criteria for novices to choose affiliate programs or products?

  • Try to choose the free one-so there is no risk
  • Choose legal and good reputation, and avoid online scams online.
  • If promoting physical products, then choose the one that is small, light, and convenient for packaging and transportation.
  • High quality. Poor quality products or high return rate products will damage you and your website's reputation, and it will be difficult for your website to make money later.
  • The training courses should be embedded in the affiliate marketing platform, with clear steps and tools to help you grow in the future.
  • If no one guide and answer your questions in time, it is still a bit difficult to succeed.
  • ...

This article How to Find Relevant Affiliate Programs can help you find and choose the best affiliate program that is fit for you. You can choose one or two items or products from the list below to promote and make money.

Fourth, create high-quality relevant content

The best way to promote products online is to write articles for your website. The content should be original, not plagiarized, and the content is highly relevant, closely surrounding your marketing direction ( niche ) and product. Although there is no clear standard, according to statistics, the word count of high-quality articles (especially some important articles) is about 1000 words, and a website needs about 30 articles to effectively organize the structure of a website. In this case, your website will be ranked in the relevant keyword search results, and start to make money.

Website content is king-high-quality original articles
Website content is king

If you don’t know what to write, I suggest that you start with a product review.

High-quality content = search result ranking (google, bing, yahoo) = attract higher traffic = more sales = earn more commissions

keywords, which may have been useful for website ranking and traffic in the past, but this method is no longer advisable. Understand that what you write is not only for search engines but for people. If visitors can't find the information they need on your website, they will leave your website immediately.

Therefore, you should study the product carefully and write quality articles in order to get the ranking and target traffics of the website. The practice of copying and pasting is extremely harmful. One reaps no more than what one has sown.

Fifth, attract target traffic

How to attract website traffic

Only the target traffics or visitors is the real ones for your site. For example, if you open a shop that sells women's shoes, but the people who come are all men and children, even if there are more people, the sales might not be good.

Here are some common ways to attract targeted traffic:

  • The traffic exchange website or software has a certain effect but is not a good choice. It maybe damages your site.
  • Optimize the site structure: Make your articles logically linked together. A good structure is conducive for search engines ( Google) to index and ranks your site.
  • Paid advertising.
  • Submit your website to search engines such as google.
  • Visitors commenting on your website is a valuable asset. This shows that your website is highly interactive with readers. Google will index these comments and improve your website’s position in keyword search rankings. Ways to increase comments on your site.
  • Leave your URL in your email signature
  • Submit your articles to some online magazine publishers to get backlinks and traffics, such as EzineArticles, articlebiz, articlesfactory and so on.
  • Join Quora, Yahoo Answers, Fluther, and forums related to your niche to answer people's questions there and leave your site URL.
  • Add some famous social plugins to share your posts. Such as Revive social, AddToAny, Smash Balloon......

Of course, there are many other methods. However, the best way to attract target traffic is to write a series of high-quality articles for keywords, so that it's ranking in the search results of the search engine. The target customer is the real website traffic.

More target traffic = more visitors (customers) = more sales

Sixth, start to make money


If you insist on doing your work by following the above steps, then the rest of the time is to take the commission/money. A website will bring you very good income year after year. You only need to update it every month to keep the website active and ensure that it can bring the latest and authoritative information to your readers.

$0 Start Your Affiliate Marketing to Make Money

Many things are said to be the same thing, but they are the same thing when they are done. For novices, no matter how clear they are, they will find it difficult to actually operate, especially if they do not know how to deal with some details. What novices need is a guide who can really teach step by step from scratch. You can succeed by exploring on your own, but I'm afraid you are likely to take a long detour, which consumes time and money. All the above steps and related tools (website tools, keyword tools, etc.) arewealthy affiliate(It is also an excellent affiliate program). (For details, seeWA Chinese Introduction)

Strong support and help

  • Everyone can get Kyle and Carson's direct reply and help (this is authoritative, you know that many so-called technologies on the Internet are fake)
  • In the community, you can also get the help of many marketing experts, all marketing directions are available, learn their website and 1 experience
  • Online Q & A

Free training courses

  • Easy-to-understand introductory course
  • Interactive classroom-there is an independent wordpress classroom that can answer all your questions about wordpress
  • Video Training, Tutorial Training (Real step by step), most of them have video demonstrations, even if you don’t understand, you can see them clearly, easy to learn, real step by step
  • ……

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  1. There is not much written in the article. Some service product commissions are more objective than physical commodity commissions. A professional Niche site has professional benefits, and personal blogs tend to become a hodgepodge, but I think hodgepodge has the benefits of a hodgepodge, which is prone to information gaps. Adhere to original and high-quality content, which is more effective than all kinds of SEO black technologies!

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      However, no matter what the format is, don't make it into a hodgepodge. If that is the case, it is wrong and it must fail. The so-called smorgasbord of seeing is directional, and you may not have noticed it. All content is under a certain banner, and all successful sites are like this, without exception.
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