Two steps to see what theme is used in a shopify online store or website

As an excellent cross-border e-commerce platform, Shopify has a wide range of users in countries all over the world. Maybe you are browsing someshopify website(Attached:Shopify tutorial), find that the theme used by the other party (maybe your competitor) is exactly what you are looking for, but how do you know what they are usingShopify themeWoolen cloth?

Here is a very simple method of how to identify the theme of shopify website in two steps:

View Shopify website source code page

step 1

On the Shopify online store page you want to view, click the right mouse button and select "View webpage source code" or use the keyboard "Ctrl + U", as shown in the figure below

How to view shopify theme step 1

Step 2

On the opened source code page, look for the phrase Shopify.theme, and in the name column you will see the theme name of the shop, as shown in the following figure:

How to view shopify theme step 2

Simple, you can useThese Shopify sitesFind his subject and practice.

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