What is DropShipping and how it works

What is DropShipping


Dropshipping is a business model that sells products in a zero-inventory way to earn profit from product sales. It is a supply chain management method (supply chain management).

As a retailer/seller, you don’t need to stock, but directly pass the customer’s order and shipping/shipping information to the manufacturer, wholesaler or other retailer, and then these people directly send the product to the customer In the hands, earn the difference from it.


Dropshipping is not a new thing either. As early as 1999, Zappos (the famous American shoe website) adopted this model, and Amazon and Sears also adopted this business model. In addition to large companies and websites, many people trade on Reddit as Dropshipper. Currently, more than 30% e-commerce companies use Dropshiping as their main inventory management method.

At present, most of the Drop Shipping suppliers and service providers are mainly based in the United States. Since 2006, many Drop ship companies have appeared in China, most of which are wholesalers and companies and individuals that provide Drop Shipping services. The main reason is the extremely convenient online procurement and the rapid development of e-commerce.

In China, the spread of small logistics and express delivery industry and the popularization of online shopping provide a good foundation and environment for the development of Drop Shiping. For example, AliExpress is the representative of the development of the Dropshipping industry.

Especially small-scale e-commerce companies like Dropshipping. After all, they don't need to spend money and energy to invest in inventory, they only need to focus on promotion and attract customers.

Operation process

It can be roughly divided into the following three steps:

dropshipping operation process
How dropshipping works
  1. The customer places an order at the retailer store-such as yoursShopify store
  2. After the retailer receives the payment, the customer order is sent to Wholesaleer, supplier or other retailer (that is, a third party)
  3. The above-mentioned third party directly sends the goods/goods to the customer, and the whole sales process is over.

Note: At present, the popular method of Drop Shipping on the Internet in foreign countries is to find products from AliExpress, and then use oberlo to connect the products to your Shopify online store to make a profit. (See details)

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  1. Hello, Laodou, I have just entered the e-commerce industry and need to find a website alliance. In addition to peer search, what other good methods are there to find high-quality alliances that can bring orders?
    If possible, can you consider joining our alliance for promotion? We are mainly engaged in women's clothing, creating a fast-fashion brand in China, and our target regions are mainly in Europe.

    • Thank you for your message and invitation.
      Like domestic e-commerce companies to expand online sales, there are just a few ways. One is responsible for website optimization and promotion staff utilizationKeyword toolIt is very important to find out which is most related to your products and niche, and to rank on the homepage of Google search. If you can do this, you will find your target customers. This does not require any money.
      Second, add something likeshareasale, CJ, Rakuten and other international marketing alliances, strive to attract affiliate promotion (Some other famous alliances). In addition, by cleverly using Google search, there will be a large variety of reliable and excellent alliances, and choose the alliance that suits your area.
      Third, social promotion.
      Fourth, if the company has a certain budget. Use google adwords to promote, the effect is also very good, but the premise is to research good keywords, otherwise only burn money.
      Fifth, register Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other accounts in the name of the company, promote them here, and then put the details on the relevant website of the company’s website for promotion.
      Wait for others

      • Okay, thank you for your guidance. The main job I am doing now is to search for such a way on Google, and directly find the website alliance. The website of the alliance platform is not considered at this stage. In addition, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, pinterest, Google and other account marketing are There are small partners in other positions. I think my current keyword search is very limited. Basically, it is peer + coupon/dorship. I don't know if I can give some guidance on this doubt. Thank you, thank you very much!

        • The keywords that can be imagined by your own brain are extremely limited. It is recommended that you use the keyword tool (Instructions)Detailed study.
          Without this kind of detailed research, the so-called SEO optimization is just empty talk, aimless. About keywords:
          1. What are real keywords? The so-called keywords that appear in your mind may not be
          2. Not all keywords have value. Even if you dig out high-value keywords, it depends on how competitive this keyword is and whether you can rank it on the homepage. Another point is that some keywords seem to be highly competitive, that is, the QSR value is relatively high, but it may not be really high. If you look at the search results on Google, you may find that many competitors have a lot of loopholes in this keyword, and they can completely surpass them. So we need to analyze the specific situation in detail,wealthy affiliateThere are video courses in this area to teach you how to analyze.
          3. The keywords are endless. This is because there are countless ways of combination between words. Different combinations mean different meanings. It also means that the audience requirements behind these keyword searches are different.
          4. Your website structure. If your website ranks very low in your niche, at least the content of the website has a low degree of relevance and a more scattered logical structure, and the content between keywords does not form a strong logical relationship.
          4. Use Google Webmaster Tools. You already have a ready-made website,Submit to Google, After a period of time, data will be formed, and then the keywords in the Google background will be studied. As the content increases, Google will continue to provide keyword data and analyze it well.
          If you want to achieve something in a certain field, you need systematic learning and uninterrupted practice and summary, not just reading a few articles.


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