What is http and https-what is the difference between the two?

When you visit a website, you will find that some websites start with HTTP, while others start with HTTPS. Is there any difference between the two? Many people are confused about this, and they don't know what is HTTP, what is HTTP, and what is the difference between the two, let me explain:

What is HTTP

What is http website

HTTP is HyperText Transfer PThe acronym for rotocol is the most widely used network protocol on the Internet-Hypertext Transfer Protocol. This is a system used to transmit and receive information from the server to the client. The server (Server) is where your website code is stored, and the so-called client (Client) is the browser you use to access the website. HTTP is to manage the transfer of information/data between the two to ensure the successful operation of this process.

If the prefix of the website you browse starts with http, this means that the link between your browser and the website server is HTTP. Now HTTP is not a secure connection. This connection method is extremely vulnerable to attacks, resulting in the disclosure of website information and data.

What is HTTPS

When you are visiting a shopping website and preparing to make a payment, you suddenly find that the http in the address bar has changed to https. What's the matter? Is my credit card safe on this website?

congratulations! Your personal information is very safe and will not be leaked or stolen. Don't worry about shopping.

What is https website

HTTPS (is also calledHTTP over TLS,HTTP over SSL, or HTTP Secure) Is a secure communication protocol through a computer network. The HTTPS protocol is implemented by adding SSL or TLS security encryption to HTTP. The purpose is to authenticate the website, protect personal information, and the integrity and security of information data transmission.

When the client (browser) sends a request to the server, the server responds with a series of encryption methods. So when the client accesses the website via HTTPS, the website will use an encrypted digital certificate to protect the process.

The main functions of HTTPS can be divided into two types: one is to establish an information security channel to ensure the security of data transmission; the other is to confirm the authenticity of the website. Any website that uses https can be clicked on the browser address bar To view the real information after the website certification, you can also inquire through the security seal issued by the CA agency.

Add SSL certified HTTPS website
This site is SSL-certified https

HTTPS is used in many situations, such as bank login interface, shopping website, member login, etc. and other data that needs to be protected. You need to enter the credit card information (user name, password, last 3 digits of the credit card) on the website you log in. If you need to transfer payment, if the website starts with HTTP, try not to enter it. The security is very low.

So if yourForeign trade websiteIf you need the customer to have the above behavior (payment shopping, membership registration, etc.), it is best to addSSL security certification, To protect the security of customer account information, so as to improve the credibility of your website, customers are more willing to trust this SSL-certified HTTPs website to complete product orders.

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In order to make it convenient for domestic users to not be able to use google, some screenshots of the content are shown for everyone:

google's description of https implementation

The difference between HTTP and HTTPS

The difference between http and https website

  1. The HTTP URL starts with "HTTP://" , The HTTPS URL starts with"HTTPS://"
  2. HTTP is not secure, but HTTPS is secure
  3. HTTP port is 80, HTTPS port is 443
  4. HTTP does not require any certificate, while HTTPS requiresSSL digital certificate.
  5. HTTP is not encrypted; while HTTPS needs to be encrypted before data is sent and received.

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