Introduce the 25 most popular foreign game earning websites

Gaming has always been a very popular and profitable industry. The 10beasts, which is talked about by money-making webmasters of many alliances at home and abroad, earns tens of thousands of dollars a month. The products on this website are all related to games.

As a game enthusiast, not only can you play the latest games, but you can also get good income while playing games, and you can even use your own "Playthings"My hobby has become a great online business, and it has become a business. That’s great. This article introduces a series of excellent foreign game websites for you to join and make money."Game website offers & discounts)

Preface and explanation

Foreign excellent game earning websites are by no means just listed in this article. The reasons for choosing the following are based on the following criteria:

  • Possess a large number of well-known games, which are loved by gamers and are easy to promote
  • Perennial promotion, there are a lot of preferential measures to help you effectively convert customers
  • High reliability: most of them are in some well-known tripartite alliance platforms (these platforms have already screened and filtered them to minimize the risk of scam)
  • Comprehensive online evaluation is better
  • Provides powerful promotion tools (such as various links, banners, etc.)
  • The last one, if you make money, you can get it

In order to facilitate everyone’s understanding and the characteristics and promotion of the game website platform, the game website profile, discounts, commission ratio, etc. are given on each site, so that the promotion can be combined with your own websiteNicheChoose the game. On this basis, useJaaxyKeyword tool, extend and dig into this, follow the vine and find the kind Low Hanging Fruit KeywordsTo reachGoogle search homepage rankingTo get high-quality website traffic (the so-calledPremium traffic, That is, traffic with a high conversion rate, which means that the search users behind these keywords are the valuable potential customers of your website).

This blog will continue to launch excellent affiliate programs in various industries and continue to be updated according to changes. However, some friends will soon find that even if they join an even better alliance, they can’t make money, let alone how to promote and make money. Some people even don’t even know how to join. You can review it againHow to start an alliance.

The joining and promotion of most alliances require you to have your own original website with a certain quality (if not, you canclick hereQuickly build a website like Laodou. Of course, there are also some projects that do not require their own website (the prerequisite for joining with their own website is not required, I will explain in the game introduction. Those who have not explained are required).


If your affiliate application is rejected (the reason is about the following: the content or niche of the website does not match it; illegal content exists; too little content/quality is too low and the traffic is too low), you cannot apply for its alliance in this way Under the circumstances, you can still make money. Most websites allow you to promote as an individual without any website. The method is: register its user, find the promotion code in it, or share the link, and share the link in various forums such as email or WeChat, facebook and other social accounts.

Okay, let’s introduce it below:

List of the best foreign game earning websites

1. Green Man Gaming

The British Green Man Gaming gaming website makes money
Green Man Gaming has become the first choice of millions of gamers around the world at a very competitive price
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:U.K
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance
  • TrustPilot review:5 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Greenman Gaming is a well-known online video game industry, the first choice of millions of enthusiastic gamers around the world, helping players enjoy an immersive gaming experience. The website has a large number of well-known games and the prices are extremely favorable, and you can reserve them in advance. For example, discount 10%Anno 1800 pre-order("Anno 1800" is a city-building game produced by Ubisoft Blue Byte Mainz Studio and published by Ubisoft. The game was originally expected to be released on February 26, 2019, and was postponed to April 16 of the same year) andOther Ubisoft PC games with discounts up to 90%withTropico game of 75%.

Promotional advantages and commission structure:

  • HaveChinese purchase guideEasy to introduce to Chinese users
  • Therefore, whether your website is a large or small reader user group, you can apply to join.
  • Update frequentlyList of popular games with higher discounts
  • New users provide 5% commission, and return 2% commission of user sales based on net income.
  • Provide gifts and competitions for franchisees.
  • Provide a large number of professional affiliate links to marketing tools

Greenman Gaming Application Affiliate Page

2. Gamefly

 U.S. GameFly gaming website makes money

  • main market:America
  • nation:America
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 1 star
  • Cookie time: 30 days

GameFly is an American online video game rental subscription service company that specializes in providing games for game consoles and handheld game consoles, such as: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch,Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, GameCube,Xbox, Wii U, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, PSP and Playstation Vita.

GameFly's business model is similar to DVD-by-mail subscription services: Netflix and Blockbuster online. If you are in the United States, or the niche of your website is aimed at the US market, this game is still worth doing.

Member benefits:

  • value:As low as $9.50
  • Selectivity: It can be said that GameFly has the most optional games, more than 9,000 games, including all new versions and classic games.
  • Convenience:Provide free door-to-door delivery, and no late fee is required when due

Promotional advantages and commission structure:

  • allowFree 30-day experience, And enjoy a series of discounts in the first three months of registration (easy to promote to customers)
  • The use of incentive means is allowed to promote, but the keywords must not use their brand keywords or variants (there are specific incentive links)
  • Each lead commission is $15
  • Sales commission: 8-10%

Supplementary note:

Gamefly has a low rating on TrustPilot, only a one-star rating, but the PCMAG rating is not bad: 3.5. Taken together, it's mixed. The reason why Gamefly is also recommended is because it is in the CJ League. The second is that for users who often play games, the rental is very cost-effective, and there is no fee for expiration. Third, it ranks higher in Alexa and the United States.

Gamefly application franchise page

3. Kinguin

Kinguin game website makes money
  • main market:worldwide
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars
  • Cookie time: 7 days

Kinguin is an online global market for famous video game keys-Steam, Origin, Uplay,, Xbox, PSN cd-keys, etc. Buyers and merchants come from all over the world. All games sold on Kinguin are digital egoods (activation code / cd key). After purchase, Kinguin will send it to the customer by email immediately, without shipping and area restrictions.

Kinguin is not just selling games on its platform-everyone can apply"Seller"Account and start selling their products worldwide. Kinguin provides 24/7 customer service in 14 languages.

Part of the offer page:

Promotional advantages and commission structure:

  • HaveChinese interface
  • The commission for each purchase of new customers is 5%, and the commission for each purchase of repurchase customers is 2.5%

Kinguin application join page

4.  GamersGate

U.S. GamersGate gaming website makes money

  • Main Market: Global
  • Country: United States
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance
  • Cookie duration: 45 days

GamersGate is the industry's leading publishing platform for PC and Mac games around the world. It has more than 4,500 computer games for PC and MAC and corresponding game operation instructions. "Client" experience, without the need for a huge client interface, game players anywhere can freely access the game without the participation of any third party. GamersGate has its own currency, the blue coin, so customers can get rewards, purchases, reviews, ratings and act as mentors for every interaction on the website.

Also supportsPre-order the game in advance,for example, Elder Scrolls (The Elder Scrolls Series)Wait.

Some game developers within the GamersGate website:

Promotional advantages and commission structure:

  • The average transaction value of the alliance promotion is about $25.
  • Provide advanced links, flash and banner for global affiliates.
  • The commission for product promotion in the list is 5% (this list is very long, I took a look, there are 5942, which means that almost cover most of the products)

Learn about GamersGateLatest gameas well asWeekly game deals.

GamersGate application to join page

5.   365 Games

UK 365games games make money
  • Main Market: Global
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Alliance Type/Platform:Awin Alliance
  • Trustpilot rating: 5 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days

365 Games was established in 2004 as a large online game retailer in the UK. Soon after its establishment, it quickly expanded into the video game field (PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, Wii U, 3DS, PS3, 360, Wii and all old versions). ) Occupies an important position, not only retail electronic games, but also all other products in the entertainment field,table games,Card game,Film and Movie (Blu-ray, DVD, Blu-ray 3D-New release and classics), gifts and toys (suitable for all ages, babies to adults).

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

  • Console = 1%
  • Pre-order = 2%
  • Returning customer = 2%
  • New customer = 3%
  • Voucher = 2%
  • TVs and high end electricals = 0.5%
  • Free shipping for customers throughout the UK, which is also your advantage to promote in the UK
  • Orders above 98% are shipped on the same day
  • As long as the customer pays in advance, they can get commissions in advance (not many advertisers can do this)

365 Games application franchise page

6.  Fun

U.S. fun game money-making website
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:America
  • Alliance Type/Platform:Shareasale Alliance, AvantLink, CJ, LinkConnector and other alliances
  • TrustPilot review:5 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Fun, a large-scale website in the United States, is worthy of its name. In addition to selling games, it is really a gathering site for interesting things. Here, you can always find novel and creative products. If you buy gifts for friends and family, this is also a very ideal website. Not only that, but the price is extremely favorable (e.g.,Free shipping on orders over $65), Fun’s high-quality customer service and lightning-fast delivery have brought a good user experience.

Advantages of the alliance and commission structure:

Although TrustPilot's evaluation is not high (only 2 stars), but Google consumer review,, facebook and other reviews are very good. In addition, fun is still in a number of high-quality alliances, you can rest assured to promote and make money.

  • 5-12% commission ratio, the average order value of website customers is nearly 40 US dollars, and the same day delivery
  •  5% commission for coupon publishers
  • There are unique and interesting products for all ages
  • Provide Monthly Newsletters (which can help you convert effectively, that is, to stimulate users to purchase methods)
  • Various senior affiliate links

FUN application join page

7.   MagicWorld

MagicWorld game earning website

  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:U.K
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Shareasale alliance
  • TrustPilot review:without
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Magic attracts everyone with its unique charm and mystery. Although MagicWorld is a British website, it is also a leader in the field of high-quality magic in the entire Internet. From small/magic to large-scale fantasy, it provides a large number of magic teaching and props. The website has a certain status, and it also provides a first-class affiliate program to affiliates.

Promotional advantages and commission ratio:


Although TrustPilot has no evaluation, it is still good on some other consumer evaluation websites (you can use keywords +reviewSearch and see).

  • The sales commission ratio is 8%, and there are lead commissions, each of which is $0.03

The website alliance application page


  • main market:worldwide
  • nation: Germany (there are 6 country domain sites)
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Union or Independent Union
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days
MMOGA game earning website

MMOGA is one of the earliest gaming websites in the European market with millions of customers. The platform sells various new games and various classic games (such as Football Manager 2019 Edition).Discount 58%, 17 edition discount80%) KEY (sent to the mailbox 5 minutes after purchase), virtual FIFA currency (within 24 hours), game cards and other products, at a favorable price!

Advantages of the alliance and commission structure:

  • Digital products (such as key/key, 10%), virtual products 15% (such as coin)

MMOGA Application Affiliate Page

9.  SCDKey

scdkey money game website
  • main market:worldwide
  • Country: China
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance and Independent Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars
  • Cookie time: 45 days

SCDKey is a Chinese company (very happy to see Chinese merchants in CJ Alliance), selling official keys such as Steam, EA/Origin, Uplay, xbox, Xbox Live and PSN. The prices are very favorable, and PC games are even discounted.Up to 90% or more,ShouldLinkAll games offer 3%. In addition to various games, software keys are also sold at extremely discounted prices, such asWindows 10 Pro(Usd 16.82)

Alliance promotion advantages and commission structure:

This website has an advantage. There are two ways to join the alliance, one is CJ, and the other is his own affiliate system (the commission ratio is higher to avoid the former), and the application does not require a website. For those friends who do not have a website, and After registration, you can approve it after confirming it in your email address. This is a good news, novices should not miss it.

  • The website has 16 languages and domain names (including traditional), which is convenient for global promotion
  • Commission·8-20%
  • Commission · The total amount exceeds 20,000 US dollars, and a one-time reward of 500 US dollars
  • 24 hours online service

SCDKey application franchise page

10.  Big Fish Games

big fish games
  • main market:worldwide
  • Country: United States
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Independent Alliance/Rakuten Marketing Alliance (linkshare Alliance), also known as Rakuten Alliance
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Big Fish Games(This is the famous Big Fish Game) was established in 2002 and is the world’s largest desktop andMobile casual gamesManufacturer and distributor, headquartered in Seattle, Washington, USA. Some famous games developed by Big Fish Studio include:

  • Azada series
  • Mystery Tower Series
  • Mysterious Sight Series

Alliance promotion advantages and commission structure:

  • 5-9%
  • 5-7 USD fixed commission

Big Fish Game application to join page

11.  G2Deal

G2deal gaming website makes money
  • main market:worldwide
  • Country: United States
  • Alliance type: Shareasale Alliance and Independent Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days

G2deal is an online game platform/store and also a Software key Market, provide game activation codes,Xbox Live card, PSN codes, time cards for online games, and software keys with extremely favorable prices (for example,Windows 10 Pro, The normal price is about 200 US dollars, here the price is about 12 US dollars).

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

  • Sales commission 5-20%
  • Extremely favorable price
  • Available in Chinese and multiple languages for easy promotion


If you don't have a website (or professional affiliate), you cannot join through the shareasale alliance. The game has an independent alliance, which is very simple. You don't need to spend money to register as a G2deal user, then click the affiliate button inside, and enter your paypal account to join. In addition: this game website only supports credit card payment, if you use paypal, it will show unsuccessful.

G2deal application affiliate page

12.  Zavvi

zavvi game site to make money
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:U.K
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Awin Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars or more
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Zavvi is a large UK professional gaming product website focusing on various game related products such as video games, game consoles, DVDs, and the newly launched exclusive Steelbook, even including clothing products, toys, and so on.

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

  • Daily product updates
  • The conversion rate of Mega Monday and other festivals is as high as 15%
  • best sellers, top pre-orders, voucher codes are updated weekly
  • Commission 1-6%
  • ZBOXFixed commission £5

Zavvi Application Affiliate Page

13. Fanatical 

Fanatical gaming website makes money
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:U.K
  • Alliance Type/Platform: CJ Alliance
  • TrustPilot review:5 stars
  • Cookie time: 30 days

Fanatical has more than 2 million players worldwide and provides more than 6,000 officially licensed games available (up to 62 million sales per day), including SEGA, Warner Bros., Ubisoft, Bethesda, etc.

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

Update regularly to provide current best-selling products, latest offers, new bundles and any coupon codes, contests or other news to support its affiliate program activities.

The sales conversion rate is 9%, the commission can reach 5%, and unlimited recommendations can be made. If you ownWebsite/blog, You can join their affiliate program through CJ. Youtube and Twitch users can register through Fanatical's partner dashboard.

14. ASTRO Gaming

ASTRO Gaming gaming website makes money
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:America
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Avantlink alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 2 stars (a bit lower rating)
  • Cookie time: 180 days

ASTRO GamingVideo game company is affiliated withLogitech, Has been involved in the design of many forms of video games, and its products are designed for hardcore game professionals and core game enthusiasts. As the new standard for professional video game audio, ASTRO Gaming's wired and wireless headsets, earplugs, gaming backpacks, and clothing product lines are frequently updated, greatly changing the way gaming.

The game not only has a .com domain name site, but also has a domain name site such as .ca, .de, .fr,, etc., which is convenient for gamers to purchase products, and it is also convenient for franchisees to make the most money.

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

In all audio systems, headphones and accessories, the commission rate is 5%.

ASTRO Gaming affiliate application link

15. Daily Game Sale

Daily Game Sale game site to make money
  • main market:worldwide
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Independent Alliance
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Commission commission 7%

Daily Game Sale sells all kinds of games and Microsoft windows product KEY. The website sells discount game keys every day. After joining the game alliance, the promotion and sales commission is about 7%, which is still relatively high for the "game" category. Income can be withdrawn using paypal or used to purchase game products on the website.

Daily Game Sale affiliate application link

16.  ModdedZone

ModdedZone gaming website makes money
  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:America
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Shareasale Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 4 stars
  • Cookie time: 90 days is the largest custom modified controller company, providing hundreds of different designs for Xbox One, Playstation 4, Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The company uses the latest controller board technology and genuine Microsoft® and Sony® products, Good at enhancing gaming experience and performance.

Alliance advantages and commission structure:

The game website, the average order value is 150 US dollars, global shipping, free shipping throughout the United States, promotion commission ratio 5-10%

ModdedZone affiliate application link

17. JJGames

jjgames home page

JJGames is a retailer engaged in the sale of second-hand video games, video game consoles and accessories since 1999, focusing on retro video games such as Nintendo NES, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, console 1, console 2 and Xbox, as well as selling The host of modern video games, such as PS3, PS4, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Switch.

  • main market:worldwide
  • nation:America
  • Alliance Type/Platform: Shareasale Alliance
  • TrustPilot review: 3 stars
  • Cookie time: 15 days
  • Free shipping within the U.S.
  • The amount of games is huge, more than 30,000
  • Shipment to the world (currently more than 100 shipping countries)

Remarks: The affiliate program of this game website has been cancelled (information update 2021.10.21)

To be continued

Promotion notes

All alliances and projects introduced on this site are formal, and all kinds of cheating methods must not be used, otherwise the account will be closed and the income will be cancelled. In addition to formal means, some alliance websites have given out their own related policies, which must not be violated. If you look for each one, novices may find it very difficult. Here are two general principles. Most regular websites do not allow the following three methods to promote:

  1. Use or include the brand keywords of the website, and use paid search rankings in search engines (other keywords are generally allowed)
  2. Do not use sites such as traffic exchanges to direct large amounts of spam traffic directly to the merchant's website through your affiliate link (it is not a big problem through your own website)
  3. Use incentive means to promote, such as buy one get one free (unless the merchant provides such promotional measures), or after registration, purchase, what will this site give you, etc.

However, some affiliates are good at using the above measures, so before applying, you should check their program term. A small number of businesses will allow the above practices, and the above is very clear.

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