Five ways to use the Google function to mine English long-tail keywords

Five methods/tools to expand and mine English long-tail keywords using multiple free products and powerful functions of Google (this method is also applicable to query and search Chinese long-tail keywords).

(1) google Google related query long tail keywords

Google Google regular search is to enter a keyword search query in the google search box, but many people will ignore the display at the bottom of the search results.

For example, if you search for the keyword organic milk in google, click or press enter and scroll down the scroll bar, you will see a group of keywords "searches related to organic milk". This is the long tail key that google automatically matches you. Words, google shows the records left by people when they search on google.

As shown below:

google search related keyword search query

The above enriches the meaning of the keyword organic milk, and narrows its scope to make it more targeted. Through the google search related section, you can find a series of long-tail keywords, which is a treasure trove of google keyword search. I wonder if you paid attention?

(2) Use google alphabet search technology to find English long-tail keywords

The so-called google alphabet technology is to insert spaces and letters in sequence before and after the keywords to dig out potential English long-tail keywords.

Take the keyword tool as an example, the result of inserting the letter t after the keyword

google alphabet keyword search technology

For details on this technology, please seegoogle alphabet search skills

(3) Use google trend to query keyword search trends

Sometimes I also use google trend to search for keywords. You can use this google function to check the popularity and trend of keywords, whether the search is rising or falling, that is, to inquire people's attention to the keyword.

If this keyword tends to be on a downward trend and the magnitude is large, and the time is long, stop investing and spending time in this area.

For example, Bitcoin, which was once all the rage in the past, how is everyone's attention to it now? Let’s enter bit coin in the google trend search box to see:

Use google trend to find keywords

It can be seen that the peak value (100) was reached in November 2013, and it has gradually decreased since then, and has been below 25, indicating that the value of this keyword is not large now, and there is no need to mine bit coin related The long-tail keywords are now. From this point, we can see that this is actually a speculative business, and it will not last long. When you spend your energy on researching it, the business has begun to decline, especially if novices do not interfere in this trend. field of.

At the same time, on this page you can see the status of keywords related to "bit coin" (long tail keywords):

Long tail keyword analysis

Keyword queries related to bit coin may include mining, mining bit coin, bit mining, bit coin price, etc. (drop down the scroll bar to see more results).

Let's take a look at the search trend and attention of another keyword affiliate marketing, as shown in the following figure:

Keywords affiliate marketing popular trend

very good!

The average value is around 75. It has been very stable for many years, indicating that the market is very stable. Similar to the retail industry in the real world, people always have to eat and wear. This principle remains unchanged. Keywords and products like this have long-term mining and optimization. If you don’t know the value of affiliate marketing, you can take a lookBeginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing

(4) Use google webmaster tools to obtain long-tail keywords

Google Google Webmaster Tools(Webmaster tool) is also called google console search, this is another powerful function provided by google, and it is also an important tool for me to log in to check the status of the website every day. It provides a very important service, through the background you can check what keywords people searched for through Google to reach your website

First, you need a Google account, and then yourAdd website to google console searchAfter verification, it can be used.

Second, after logging in, click on the website you have added, then enter the google console, click the "search analysis" button under "search traffic", and after entering the website analysis interface, select "query", and a list will be listed below String keywords, with keyword-related analysis data, clicks, impressions, click-through rate and ranking.

All these keywords are people searching on Google,Your websiteAppear in these search results, click to reach your website. Ignore the high-ranking keywords temporarily (or combine several high-ranking keywords into new long-tail keywords), select the low-ranking keywords, and then further dig and optimize, again to increase your website ranking . As shown below:


(5) Use Google Correlate to query related long-tail keywords

Note: Due to the low usage rate, Google cancelled this feature in December 2019.

Google correlate is also a keyword search query tool. Many people don't know much about this google tool and function. It can tell you which words are related to this keyword.

For example, if an internet marketer uses weight as a keyword for his niche market, some people will also use the following keywords in this weigh niche market.

  • low calories
  • high protein foods
  • low calorie snacks
  • weight loss
  • ……

The screenshot below shows the long-tail keywords that are "closely related" to the word weight:

google correlate keyword related search

This google correlate is searched by country or region. The closer the number next to the long tail keyword is to 1, the closer the long tail keyword is to the original keyword.

As can be seen from the screenshot above, the two long-tail keywords that are closest to the keyword weight are low calories and high protein foods, and so on.


If you don’t want to spend money, Google is the most powerful and effective long-tail keyword search tool (it’s very importantfree), this biggest advantage, on the contrary, also leads to two very prominent shortcomings. One is that everyone uses it to search, and they are all using the searched long-tail keywords to optimize, then the degree of competition may be fierce. Another thing is that Google does not provide accurate data on keywords. It is easy to know which long-tail keywords are the most valuable, so you need to use them.jaxxy,KWFinderSuch professional long-tail keyword tools for in-depth analysis and mining.

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