A complete list of practical skills and precautions for paid surveys at home and abroad

Investigating online projects that require very skill to make money, the incomes of masters and novices are very different. Summarized this article based on the experience of individuals and some investigatorsA complete list of practical skills and precautions for paid surveys at home and abroad, I hope it helps you.

(12) Be patient. Income is based on every questionnaire. Sometimes a few weeks have passed without receiving a questionnaire. This is normal. Market research companies issue questionnaires from time to time, which is determined by their business volume and the nature of the survey. Therefore, if conditions permit, participate in the registration of the survey website as much as possible, about 3-5 at the beginning, and then increase it when you are familiar with it.

(13) Doing a survey should not only look at the unit price, but also at its cost performance. A 6-yuan check that can be completed in 10 minutes, and a 10-yuan check that can be completed in 30 minutes. Of course, do the former first.

(14) Some survey nets have sign-in systems, such as Minglu, Love Research, and drag nets. The accumulation of less and more is a share of income.

(15) It is worth mentioning the profession. It is recommended that you can set your profession as a senior manager in IT, whether it is when filling in information on the survey network or when you have checked and screened, because many surveys Especially high-priced surveys are aimed at this group of people.

(16) Don’t give up just because some survey networks cannot withdraw cash from Alipay and banks. Excellent coupons and recharge cards can be redeemed. Go to the survey forums mentioned above to find a reputable exchange company. A little bit of money is almost negligible relative to what you earn.

(17) Telephone interviews and online and offline seminars must be attended. This is generally cost-effective. When encountering this kind of information, you must record the information you have previously answered the questionnaire, so that others will not ask when asked. In fact, as long as your attitude is sincere and not too panic, the telephone survey will generally let you pass.

(16) If you recommend a friend to participate in the survey, most survey companies will give you rewards. Therefore, you can tell your friends about this simple opportunity to make money at ordinary times, and the more the better.

Strategies to increase the number of surveys to make money

Investigate successful strategies for making money

(1) If you want to make more money, you must check your mailbox every day and participate in survey tasks. People who have more spare time can register more survey companies.

(2) After registration, just log in to the website and email every day (or once every few days) to see if there is any investigation, and then do it once a day in order not to miss any opportunities. Generally, a survey takes from a few minutes to 30 minutes. After you finish it, you will usually pay 5-60 yuan, which is not an exaggeration, but it does not happen every day. You log in, but there is no survey. Please don't be disappointed! If you often surf the Internet, it’s better to sign up and check the website and mailbox when you have time. Unknowingly, one month later, you can make tens to hundreds of yuan per month, which is worse than you go shopping on the Internet. Well, it's better to have money than nothing.

(3) Participate in every survey. This will not only increase your income but also give you more opportunities to be invited to participate in other surveys. Even if you fail to pass the survey, the website will record your activity every other period. Survey invitations will be sent to members who are highly active and have good records at any time.

(4) The fastest way to get the latest questionnaire is always to log in to the survey website to refresh in person, instead of waiting for email notifications or SMS notifications. This is an era of rush investigation. If you go one step later, it means that you pass the possibility. Reduced a lot.

(5) Check the mailbox frequently and complete the survey as soon as possible! Once the number of people who submitted the survey reaches the expected number of the survey company, the survey will be automatically closed. Some survey companies have a large number of members, and surveys are often closed the day after they are issued.

(6) Some survey websites can be checked, the more typical ones are:toluna China, GTM. The so-called swipe check is when you can’t see the new survey on the website, you can go to the old survey link in the email you received before, and often the survey network will assign a new survey to you, and you can repeat it. use.

Reasons for unsuccessful survey results

Not every survey is successful and can get rewards. The following are common reasons for unsuccess. If you have more surveys and rich experience, you will know how to avoid these situations:

Reasons for questionnaire failure

(1) The content before and after the test paper should be logical:

Surveys related to housework generally have a very high rate of failure to select men. Although men and women have been equal for 100 years, it is still common for women to do housework in society. Maybe you should take the bar, and men often do housework too! Surveying customers only considers mainstream phenomena from a scientific point of view. Non-mainstreamers are generally under Ignore the status! Similar questions are also surveys on certain special products, such as cosmetics. Although men have long started to use Dabao, it has been a long time to see which cosmetics survey can be successfully completed by choosing men!

(2) Under normal circumstances, there are often several "screening" questions at the beginning of each questionnaire, such as gender, location, car availability, etc., to determine whether you are a suitable candidate for the survey. Maybe you will be screened out easily, but don't be discouraged, you didn't pay anything! Try to complete each survey, the better your record, the more chances you will be invited

(three)Don't try to cheat! Don't play with your cleverness. These survey companies are very experienced in online market surveys. Most companies have a set of mechanisms to prevent cheating, which can make cheating users lose more than their gains or even cancel their accounts.

In order to prevent the people doing the survey from choosing with their eyes closed in order to quickly complete the questionnaire, the survey company often sets up some traps. The more common method is to select a certain line and ask you to choose an option according to the regulations, or ask the age before the questionnaire. I will ask again before the end of the questionnaire. If you are recruited, then you will be over. Therefore, while pursuing a quick check, you must also see the pitfalls.

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