Making money online-how to write online product reviews in English to earn dollars

If you are a freelance writer/freelancer,Do you know how you can make considerable dollars by writing online product reviews in English?You buy something on an English website. Do you have the habit of searching for English product reviews about this product? For example, comments and messages posted by users on the Internet.

Or afraid of being deceived, or buying things that are inappropriate, especially for us, after all, it is international express delivery, and it is very inconvenient to return and exchange goods. It is still necessary to check relevant product information, such as product reviews, before buying. If you read an article abroadEnglish product reviewsIf you buy a product in China, it means that someone earns a commission for this product.

How to make money by writing English product reviews

Some time ago, my Philips mobile phone could not be turned on, and it often turned off automatically. I don’t know why (it took more than a year, but it was very cheap, only 500 yuan when I bought it), and the information stored in it could not be retrieved. So I searched it and found that many people have encountered this situation, which should indicate that the quality of the phone is defective. Look at the time of the review, many of them are left before I buy. Regret it, if I searched it early, maybe I wouldn't buy this brand.

So I searched for information about the new mobile phone and found that the Huawei Honor series had a good evaluation and a high price/performance ratio, so I bought one.

When foreigners buy things online, most of them search for product reviews, evaluations, and compare them before deciding whether to buy. This has become a habit. This behavior has led to a new model of making money online-Make money by writing product reviews.

Many people on the Internet make a lot of dollars by writing product reviews (that is, product reviews). Now I will teach you how to write product reviews in English.

Why write English product (commodity) reviews to make money? In fact, the principles of Chinese product reviews are the same. It's just that there are many opportunities for selection and promotion among foreign products.

If you do more, you will find that foreign companies attach great importance to online promotion. His promotion is different from what we understand here: it pays great attention to publishing to relevant platforms for affiliate marketers to promote: one is to save money, and the other is to have an excellent effect.

well, let's get back to business.

Basic Principles of Making Money in English Product Reviews

The premise of writing an online English product (commodity) review-product review is: you have your own website, publish the content, and then someone finds your review through a search, clicks the link to reach the shopping website after reading, and then buys the product. The main task of the product review you write is to provide the advantages and disadvantages of the product (Pro's and Con's) and your experience (user experience). You can briefly illustrate this process:

How to make money from English product reviews

Of course, you can also publish on other platforms without your own website, but what I'm talking about here is a fundamental method, because there are other website contents that are logically related to each other.

Let’s first talk about how to find suitable valuable promotional products.

How to find the right product online

When looking for a product to write a review, two key issues should be paid attention to:

  1. Whether this product is suitable for online sales (for example, low value, heavy weight is not suitable, the shipping cost is higher than the value of the product itself, personal opinion is the best virtual product)
  2. This product is allowed to join (that's why the choice of foreign products I mentioned above is large, and almost all good foreign products are allowed to join marketing)

The most common sales platform in the world is Amazon, which is the number one shopping website for foreigners in various countries. There are countless products for you to choose from on Amazon, and they can all be promoted through product reviews, and the commission is as high as 10%.

Join the Amazon Alliance, Start looking for products

Please refer to:Introduction to the American Amazon Alliance

You may ask: There are thousands of products, which product to choose to write a review? I suggest you start with something you are familiar with (this isNicheChoice), or bought used goods. Choosing such a product is easy and convincing to write (after all, you are a user.)

The Amazon Alliance is very strict and requires a lot of requirements. Many novices may unconsciously violate its rules and be closed accounts when operating. It doesn't matter, it's just countlessaffiliate programsOne, such as theseFamous alliance platformYou can also apply for products.

Own your own website-the first element

Product reviews need a platform to display, and the website is the best way and way. In fact, building a website is not as complicated as you think. With the rapid development of the Internet, everything has become easier and more simplified. This is the trend of Internet development. Just like driving a car, you don't need to understand the production principle of a car, just know how to drive it.

Where to build the website? How to build?

There are many website building platforms on the Internet, and the website building process is extremely simple. No professional knowledge is required. What website code should be learned (of course, if you understand this, it will be more handy). for example,siterubixIt is one of the excellent website building platforms. Moreover, the platform provides a variety of video courses, easy to understand, online answering questions, etc. (Please refer toHow to quickly build a station in 1 minute)

Free website building tools

Free website building tool SiteRubix can easily help you build 2 WordPressWebsite, and supports Chinese websites. It was built in less than 1 minute, and only a few minutes for the unfamiliar ones. If you don't think about the domain name, you can delete it in the control panel of the background after logging in, register the domain name at any time, and the website name can be changed at any time.

Note: The virtual host of the website of this blog is here, and it is also made with this website tool. There are more than 2000 website templates to choose from. Although this website is built abroad, the access speed is still very fast. Will you be able to open the website soon? There is another obvious advantage. The website has unlimited space, and there is no limit to the number of files, pictures and web pages to be uploaded. If you are doing foreign trade, or the main customer of the product is abroad, it is best to use a foreign virtual host.

How to write a persuasive English product review-substantive content

Now that you have a website and a product has been found, start thinking about writing a product review.

Now is an era of information explosion. Everyone is bombarded by all kinds of information. Most people don't have the patience to read the complete review, so write a summary or overview at the beginning of the product review to indicate whether you recommend the product. You may ask what is the point of writing this review for products you don’t want to recommend. There is a lot of mystery in this, please pay attention to this blog, I will explain it in a future article.

Regardless of whether it is a product review of an actual product or a virtual product, the following points should be paid attention to:

  1. First choose the products you are familiar with or have used, and if necessary, buy them yourself

First, The product should have a general introduction (product overview): let customers who have not bought or used this product have a general understanding through your basic introduction, and understand the basic characteristics of the product: such as shape, color, size , Performance, price, and purchase location (or site), etc.

second,feature of product. There should be a reason why you promote this product, then write it down, what is the most prominent feature of this product, and how it is different from other similar products. For example, a certain aspect of the function is particularly outstanding, or it is particularly suitable for a certain special environment, and the cost performance is very high, where is the high.

third, Promote the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Anything that is perfect has flaws. This is inevitable. You must tell the truth in order to win the trust of your readers. If you can’t say it or don’t know it clearly, it means that you haven’t used it. If you don’t do a detailed investigation, the visitors to the website will be lost. You have to answer the questions you leave on your website seriously.
After writing a few articles, you can roughly find a product review template. All reviews are written according to this template, which is neat and efficient, and makes it clear to users who visit your website.

You can refer to this how to writeProduct review templateArticle (including video, the template is at the bottom of the article, this is a virtual product introduction). In addition, you can also refer to how this WA member promotes Amazonspy camaraWebsite. And how does Jay, a Wealthy affiliate marketing expert, promoteFootball Snack Helmets (It is also a product of the US Amazon website. In weekly video courses, this website is often used as an example to introduce how to optimize-how to optimize articles, pictures, links, how to get traffic, and how to get Google search rankings. This is a very small niche A successful case in a niche market. If you want to promote Amazon products, it is best to learn from his experience in the production and promotion of this website)

Related courses:

Write product reviews to focus on the truth, that is, your real product experience. Of course, some people lie and conceal the facts in order to promote sales. Although you earn a little commission in the short term, your website will lose credit in the long term, just like the real world. Others will leave bad reviews on your website in his blog or related forums, and it is not worth the gain to prevent others from being fooled.

Speaking of this, thinking of the Wei Zexi incident, one of the important reasons is Baidu's false advertising. Ordinary people don't understand search engines and trust Baidu, so they choose the Armed Police Hospital. However, you will not have such results using Google search. Why? Google once said Don't be evil. Google's actual actions also illustrate this point. Google’s ads are very obvious, and there are few, and the review is extremely strict. In addition, in Google’s organic search results, the one on the homepage must have a very good reputation, which has a major relationship with Google’s improved algorithm. You can get rankings without listing keywords in the title or content. Websites that are fraudulent, plagiarized, and do not have content that is highly relevant to keywords will not be able to reach the homepage. So, don't fake your website. Now I often study Google's keyword rankings, and I am surprised that Google can identify websites with high-quality content. In fact, this already has the human brain's distinguishing function. You can try it, enter English keywords on google and click on the top-ranked websites. It is indeed very good. This is a digression.

But everyone has different understanding and feelings about the product, so the writing style is also different. The words may not be the same, but the meaning is the same. Google welcomes such original and real product review articles.

How to get website traffic and visitors-key factors

Okay, the website is there, the product reviews are written and published on your website, and website traffic is still needed. No traffic means that no one visits your website, that is, no income. Therefore, the importance of website traffic is self-evident. Let me give you a brief overview of how product reviews attract traffic and visitors to your website.

When people search for reviews online, they usually enter [product name review] on a search engine (mainly google), and then click on the most relevant and attractive results in the search results to understand the purchase and use of others Experience and product problems. When you are writing a product review, include the product name and review, googleWill collect your product review articles and URLs into search engine results. Therefore, it is very important to use keywords correctly in the text.

In general, every product review on your website should contain the following points:

  1. Keywords in the title of the article
  2. Product review article contains keywords in the first paragraph
  3. Naturally include keywords in the content (this means don’t pile up keywords bluntly)
  4. The page or post URL contains relevant keywords
  5. One more thing, don't make some low-level mistakes. Such as misspelling of words, obvious grammatical errors. If the expression is not good, try to use simple sentences as much as possible to make the problem clear. This is not a literary creation. Of course, your English literary is very good, that would be the best.
Speaking of the last point, I would like to say an episode. I remember seeing a foreigner blogger introducing some alliance projects and online business skills. Perhaps a Pakistani left a message on his blog, asked some questions, and asked for help. At that time, I saw it, but I didn't know what it was. The blogger replied to him, you can talk about it after you learn English well. So, be clear. In fact, this job does not require a high level of English. Read more and read more to see how others write. If you write more, you will have it. Be confident.

Follow the above principles, google will include your articles and guide users to your website for relevant searches. The screenshot below is my articleMaking money online-how to write online product reviews in English to earn dollarsThe ranking of the article in google search, the first on the homepage. (Related keywords in google search areEnglish product reviews, product reviews to make money, etc.)

Keywords English product reviews google search ranking

anotherImportant principleIs sharing, add social sharing plug-ins to your blog posts (the most important sharing plug-ins in English blog sites are facebook, google+, twitter, it is recommended to useTweet, Like, Google +1 and Share You can search for this plugin on wordPress plugin. ) The more your website is shared, the more traffic and the higher its importance on Google (according to Google’s new algorithm), the higher the ranking of Google search results.

If it is a Chinese product review, it is recommended to share it on social software such as QQ space, Netease Weibo, WeChat, Baidu space, and related forums to increase the possibility of your website being shared by others.

The necessity of revising English product reviews in the future

Very few people write a high-value product review article at a time, and good articles can be said to be revised again and again. Many people feel that they have no way of starting at the beginning, and they don't know what to write and how to write. Let me tell you, first write a simple outline according to the idea I taught you above, remember that sentence or paragraph, just write it down, don't be afraid that there is no logic. These words are a basic concept and main point of this product in your brain, and then string them like beads. That is to say, the basic article framework is set up first, and after publication, the article URL is submitted to google. This benefit tells google that new content has been added to your website. This is good for the ranking of the website. Google welcomes the addition of new content. , Which is good for the website’s ranking on search engines.

Because Google’s ranking is not fixed, I think about editing or adding content in the future. If you modify or add content that is highly relevant, Google will advance your ranking. I have updated and tested the content of my website many times and found that it is indeed the case.

If you have followed some great bloggers, you will find that the content of their published articles is not very much at the beginning, but after a period of time, he cannot always be like this. After a period of time, it will be updated and the content will be richer. When searching for related keywords, you will find that his page ranking is ahead of schedule.

About the word count of the article.

Generally speaking, google is very welcome for English articles of about 1000 words or more. The reason is very simple, and the content will be simple if the number of words is small. But this is not for you to make up the word count, the article needs to be of quality. Content is king-content is king is the truth. This is the experience of those who make money online. Regardless of this little experience, I also learned from our wealthy affiliate. Some things are difficult to find directly from the Internet. These are the secrets to making money. Of course, after speaking out, you think it's very simple. In fact, there are still many principles and skills, so you can learn them slowly after taking the course.

Realize profit from your English product reviews-earn dollars

Two more points are very important:

  1. Understanding of English product reviews
  2. Keep writing until you make money, don’t give up

Product reviews are a very important and effective way to make money online. To be honest, you don’t expect to write a product review or two, and then just sit there and wait for the commission to get into your pocket. This is not realistic. Keep going, keep writing, and don't give up until the commission is paid.

There are many people who make more than $1,000 a day on this. If you have been in this direction for a long time, you will know the hard work behind these people. In this industry, a word often said by professionals is not only hard work, but also you need to work smart. Learn from the experience of others and keep experimenting. When your article starts to make money, the follow-up work is very simple. You can make money by sleeping without exaggeration. This is not to say that you get something for nothing. This is the characteristic of Internet marketing. Due to the difference in time and location, your articles will be viewed at various time periods to achieve profitability. This is a major difference between it and real business: the real world opens the door to do business. Close the door and rest. There is no time and geographic limitation for online business.

When you write, you will feel that writing product reviews in English is a very interesting thing. You will get happiness and a sense of accomplishment from it, and at the same time you will make a considerable income.

A little suggestion

How long can you make money from product reviews? This is an issue that everyone cares about.

This time varies from person to person, and is also related to the quality of your article and the choice of keywords. It may range from two to three weeks or several months. As time goes by, you may feel a little frustrated-after you finish writing, you publish to the blog, without any income, not even clicks, and you can't search for the articles you wrote. (Sometimes it may be very strong, forcing you to give up this job.) In this case, there may be some technical problems, such as the direction of niche selection, the selection and configuration of keywords, the optimization of pictures, etc. You need to really masterAffiliate marketing principles, skills and related tools.

If you have any questions, you can leave a message below.

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  1. Hello, Laodou, I don’t know if your WeChat name is MHD. I want to ask a complete novice like me, how many articles should I put in the website after it’s built? Then how many daily or weekly updates are appropriate?
    I saw a big cow saying that the article shopping guide and pure information on the website should be 1:3, so what should I add to the newcomer when the site is built? Is it pure information? Shouldn’t I apply for the alliance after the pageviews are up?
    Sorry, there are a lot of questions, please advise?

    • Hello, I will add you to WeChat.
      There is a general rule: only around the direction and center of the website (that is, yourniche market) Carefully organize 30-50 articles/web pages, then your website will start to make money, because there are too few pages to reflect the theme of the website.

      There is also a prerequisite: don’t be greedy, only lock one title for each article/webpageLong tail keywords, This needs to be usedKeyword toolResearch.

      As for the percentage, there is no fixed number. The core is: no matter what you do, the website must have content, not some pictures, just a few words, that’s not good, and you cannot copy or paste other people’s things. Readers must be provided informative. thing.

      Regarding the frequency of release and update, generally 2-3 articles a week are good, of course, the more the faster the better, but the content must be of quality.

      Sooner or later the alliance application does not matter, depending on the situation. Some alliances apply too early and if there is no sales, they will close their accounts after a few months, such as Amazon, CJ, etc., and some have no restrictions.

      As a novice, the most important thing is to learn. Don't rush to make money. You have to understand why you can make money through websites/networks. What are the ways and principles of making money? If you understand this, you will also know how to operate, the homepage of this blogThis articleJust talked about this process and steps. At the beginning, it is recommended to imitate mature experts, just like writing, imitating the same, you will come out with your own style and method.


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