The latest U.S. overseas shopping iherb shopping to save freight and tariff graphic strategy detailed explanation

Founded in 1996U.S. iherb website, Is one of the world's largest natural health products companies, with as many as 35,000 brands of maternal and child products, cosmetics, and health products. These products can be directly mailed to China by SF Express and EMS. Its preferential product prices, convenient Chinese interface and fast express delivery service (which can be obtained in about a week) have become a very popular online shopping website in the United States.

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These convenient conditions make it possible for those who do not understand English and tariffs, which previously required purchasing products, to purchase high-quality products from the United States through self-service operations.

The iherb website is a global shopping website that delivers high-end natural health products to all parts of the world, and the website has multiple language versions, and the products are all the same. You enter the corresponding version of the website in a different country and region (language and currency conversion is realized in the upper left corner of the website).

Moreover, the iherb user accounts are unified, and one account can be used for all versions of the website, which is different from Amazon. (Amazon is one account per country).

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There is no difference between shopping on the iherb website in the United States and shopping on Taobao. The Chinese interface supports Alipay payment. However, because it is a multinational shopping, he involves international express shipping and tariff issues, which is the difference from domestic shopping. Therefore, it is necessary to understand how to maximize the reduction or exemption of international shipping and tariffs through the combination of goods.


After entering the shopping basket, you need to pay attention to carefully balance the purchased products, and achieve the optimal combination within the weight limit of 7 pounds, in order to achieve the highest cost performance

Before shopping, let’s take a look

Tariffs on iherb products in the U.S. and shipping policies for overseas shopping

About tariff rates

  • The new tax rate for health products, food, toys, beverages, and game supplies is 15%;
  • For toiletries and most cosmetics, the new tax rate is 30%;
  • Make-up cosmetics, the new tax rate is 60%;
  • Those that do not belong to health care products, food, toys, beverages, games, toiletries, and cosmetics are all classified as "others" and the tax rate is 30%.

You refer to the above tax rate and multiply the product price by the tax rate to get the tariff. After the entire packaged goods are paid according to their respective tax rates, the taxes are added together and are exempted if they are less than or equal to RMB 50; taxes higher than RMB 50 are required to be paid.

However, this 50 yuan tariff exemption needs to be explained:

If you are going to buy 3 (kinds) of products, namely A, B, and C, the taxes of these 3 commodities (calculated according to the above tax rate) are 15 yuan, 24 yuan, 32 yuan, and these 3 commodities are all lower than 50 yuan is in the list of exemption of tariffs, but if you put these goods in a shopping cart, the calculation of tariffs is cumulative, that is 15+24+32=71 yuan, these original tariffs exempt you Have to pay. In order to avoid these tariffs, it is necessary to divide these products into multiple shopping carts to place orders.

about shipment fees

The products of iherb can be directly shipped to mainland China without transshipment. Shopping is very convenient. This is one reason why iherb is relatively popular.

On iherb, there are two modes of transportation, one is SF Express and the other is postal EMS. I tend to choose SF Express. The speed is very fast. I can get it in about a week. The maximum weight of a package is 10 lbs (4.5 kg) or the value is less than US$132. Generally speaking, within this weight range, the more items, the lower the shipping cost. This is why I put 10 items for the first time. For each item, the shipping fee will be reduced a bit, but it will be calculated according to the tariff plan above.

Two international express delivery methods for iherb products
Two international express delivery methods for iherb products

This is why sometimes the amount will be displayed for customs clearance, and sometimes not, because there is a tariff exemption of 50 yuan, you can roughly calculate the tax based on the tax rate, and then combine the products.

Okay, after understanding the tariffs and shipping costs, I will explain how to maximize (free) shipping and tariffs by matching products. Let me explain with my shopping.

Bought for the first timeOmega-3 premium fish oil (100 capsules) It feels good, relatives and friends all want some, this time I plan to buy it mainly.

Specific steps to test freight and tariffs

The first time I bought something from iherb, I didn't think about it so much (no experience). I just saw that it was good and the price was quite cheap, so I placed an order. I bought a total of 10 items and placed them allA shopping cartamong.

iherb order demo to save money

Later, when I had time to study it, it cost a little more for the distribution of freight and tariffs to a single item. Don’t buy it like this. Look at the steps I will introduce below to save unnecessary expenses (all later I bought it like this) of).

After I bought it for the first time, I feltDeep sea fish oilIt's pretty good. Relatives and friends also want to order. Seeing that there is a discount, I plan to buy it mainly this time. With the first experience, I didn't place an order rashly this time, and used several methods to test which is more cost-effective.

The first step is to test only one product (fish oil) in the shopping cart

Add fish oil to shopping cart, The quantity is tested from 1-5 bottles (the same product can be purchased at most 5 at a time), and different quantities correspond to the changes in shipping and tariffs below (automatic calculation).

Change the test fee for the quantity of items in the iherb shopping cart

As you can see, if you choose 1 bottle of fish oil, the shipping cost is 38,55 yuan (RMB), the shipping cost for 5 bottles is 33.89 yuan, and both tariffs are 0, so that on average, the price of fish oil is 48.46 yuan (if you deduct it) If the rebate is lower for this purchase, if you don’t need to settle the payment, follow the link above and you can add it to the shopping cart yourself.

The second step is to save shipping costs-add discounted products

The upper limit of the weight of a package is 10 pounds (4.5 kg). Within this range, the more items you add to the shopping cart, the lower the shipping cost you will see below.

Because fish oil is relatively light, you can put some other products. FromWeekly offer pageLooking for cost-effective products to join in, the discounts on the things inside are quite strong. Saw at the timeWitch Hazel TonerThe warehouse is being sold at a discount (after reporting this information to my wife, my wife waved-buy), so I put it in the shopping cart to see the changes in shipping and tariffs.

Because the toner is heavier (but the price is cheaper, 13.95 yuan) until you put it in 5 bottles, plus the total shipping cost of fish oil is 71.74 yuan, and the tariff is 0. If you put 5 bottles of toner separately, the freight is 76.26 yuan and the tariff is 0. The total cost (only freight) is 5.31 yuan more, which is quite worth it. That means that my 5 bottles of fish oil are equivalent to almost no shipping cost.

Iherb shopping cart combination to save freight
4 bottles of toner and 5 bottles of fish oil that have been purchased

I matched these two items, placed an order, and counted it down like thisThis shopping cartThe total order amount is as follows (deduct the last order rebate)

Tax-saving iherb shopping cart order total

The third step is to save tariffs-match low-value high-quality products

In fact, this step is similar to the previous one, depending on the key point-if the freight is high, then save the freight; if the tariff is high, save the tariff.

This time it is mainly matched with high-quality products at low prices (value). The calculation of tariff is mainly dependent on the price of the product (the tax rate is multiplied by the price). In addition to finding the product from the weekly discount page above, you can alsoTrial & ExplosionFind some good stuff.

Because I mainly buy fish oil, in addition to the 5 bottles of fish oil in the second shopping cart, I found a box from the pageLactobacillus bifidus probiotics(Helps digestion, regulates the stomach and prevents constipation, I have a bad stomach, try buying a box), the original price is 18.06 yuan, and the preferential price is 6.96 yuan. (If there are two boxes, the second box will be based on the original price) and8 colorful organic lipsticks(For the first time iniherbI bought it from shopping, my wife said it was very good and cheap, and my colleague also asked her for it. This time I understand that lipstick and lipstick are not the same thing)

Regarding this lipstick, let’s talk about it: the original price is 27,54 yuan per box. It’s best not to buy it separately. It is sometimes sold at a discount with some products (for example, it was sold with another brand last time-Thayers alcohol-free tonerSold together, a box is cheaper than 12 yuan. )

So this time I have 5 bottles of fish oil, 1 box of probiotics, and 2 boxes of lipstick in my shopping cart (afterwards, I should buy 1 box, just consider saving shipping costs). Add these to my shopping cart. The total order amount is as follows :

Tax-saving iherb shopping cart order total


iherb product SF Express outer packaging
iherb product SF Express outer packaging
iherb commodity air packaging bag
iherb commodity air packaging bag
Part of the arrival of iherb products
Part of the arrival of iherb products
Iherb deep sea fish oil
Iherb deep sea fish oil
Best selling iherb African black soap
Best selling iherb African black soap

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