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The catalogues of affiliate marketing training courses listed in this article are all from the wealthy affiliate (sign up for free)’S online video course (What is wealthy affiliate), this course is once a week, due to time difference or time schedule, missed the online class, you can view the playback video (but you can not ask questions online), this is one of WA's most core special courses, very valuable, I hope to be here with you share.

Online Marketing Course Catalog

Value of Wealthy affiliate affiliate marketing course

Some people may question the value of these courses. There is a mixed bag on the Internet, and it is difficult to distinguish between true and false. In fact, I was also a victim of this in the past. But we look at two data, one is Alexa website ranking, the other is from google trends.

WA's Alexa comprehensive ranking: 12,788 in the world, 7899 in the United States

Comprehensive ranking of online marketing training courses
Comprehensive ranking of wealthy affiliate websites

Take a look at the website’s keyword wealthy affiliate’s google trends, which shows the search popularity (close to 100) and trends in recent years as follows:

Online marketing training courses are hot and popular

These two simple data can basically reflect the tendency of most people to choose. The website is a very good English project. In addition, say a few more words:

If you want to check whether a certain website or project is reliable and accepted by most people, just check these two data, you can quickly and easily draw conclusions. If the data is very low/small, then try not to do it, the risk is greater; unless this is a newly established website or project, it needs further investigation.

WA's online training course section

  1. Dominated by Kyle, one of the founders of WA (the other founder is Carson), mainly concentrated in various classrooms, certification courses
  2. All WA gold members (Training blogs created by internet marketing experts) (You can visitThis pageLearn about some gold members and Jay below)
  3. The weekly online courses were originally taught by Jay. Starting December 31, 2016, Kyle is also teaching in this section

Both Kely and Jay have their own very successful niche websites. They will use these websites as examples in their lectures to explain the marketing and profitability process in an easy-to-understand manner. Because there are many courses in this section, I will add training courses to the training catalog one after another. I have a general understanding of this. For details, please click on the name of each course to understand the basic content of its teaching.

Online course content

The first step of online marketing is to determine your own marketing direction-that is, niche niche market, on this basis, follow the niche to build a website. Most courses in this section will involve this content.

The feature of this training course is that you can practice while watching the course. It is highly operable and providesFree website tool-siterubix,Keyword toolandVirtual hostServices, etc., make it extremely easy for novices to use.

If you are alreadyaffiliate marketingThe field has been raging for many years, so the in-depth content of the course will also benefit you a lot, and you will learn many cutting-edge technologies and techniques that you don’t know.

In a word, for affiliate marketing newbie and professional.


  1. WA has a large number of free and paid courses. These courses are not generalized, but have specific steps to demonstrate. The list on this page is one of the main components of his core courses-live courses weekly.
  2. Because there are too many courses, I can only take time to gradually put the catalog of these courses on this page for everyone to understand.

Online marketing course catalog list

(1) Course name: Step-by-Step: Promoting with YouTube (how to use YouTube to promote marketing)
Instructor: Jay (WA username magistudios)
Teaching time: June 3, 2017
Brief content (table of contents):

Marketing Course: YouTube Video Marketing Methods

  1. Why use youtube?
  2. What kind of video format can be used in youtube?
  3. How to upload video on youtube (step by step step by step)
  4. How to use yutube video marketing (step by step step by step)
  5. How to embed youtube video into your website (step by step step by step)
  6. On-site question and answer session

Member evaluation:

Evaluation of Internet Marketing Courses
WA members comment on this course

(2) Course name: Learn From My Last 14 Years (WA founder Kely’s 14 years of successful experience)
Instructor: Kyle
Teaching time: December 31, 2016
Brief content:

Marketing Course: Introduction to Successful Experience
Kyle Online Network Marketing Training Course-Learn From My Last 14 Years

Niche niche can be said to be an eternal topic in affiliate marketing, especially for novices. The success or failure of your niche website is determined when you choose niche. In this course, Kely uses his more than ten years of online marketing experience to guide you on how to choose niche and how to become an authority in your niche field. A few). On this basis, how to niche in any field also becomes Authority. No one is smooth sailing. Many people will give up. In this course, at what stage and why this situation occurs, and how to deal with it.

  1. How to choose the niche direction that can make you successful
  2. How to lay a solid business foundation
  3. Reveal the scientific and proven methods/formulas behind online success
  4. How to become an authority in any niche field
  5. How to choose affiliate program-the relationship between price and quality
  6. How to maximize the benefits/lessons from your failures and setbacks
  7. Cheats for finding motivation from "dilemma"

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