7 ways to make your niche site an authoritative site

We can targetAuthoritative websiteTo effectively improve the authority of your niche website in order to achieve the Google homepage ranking, to achieve good income.

How to improve the authority of your website

Although there is no way and no one can figure out all the factors that google is used to judge the ranking of authoritative websites, according to the characteristics of authoritative websites, several points are very clear:

(1) Do a good job in niche market research

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, this is the first step.

Niche website buildingThe starting point is to study the niche market, and to study in which direction to start. The market is like a battlefield. If there are strong opponents in front of you (a search, many of the results are authoritative websites and large websites), then the probability of winning is extremely low. If you want to fight a war, you have to start from the weakest part, so which direction or part is weak and still very profitable? This is reflected in the network niche market, which is the gap between the big markets-the refined division of the market, and this is thisThe determination of niche this niche market.

Finding a profitable niche market in the early stage, mastering the methods, and gaining a wealth of writing and operating experience, and after maturity in the later stage, you can profit from entering any niche market. This is not a lie.

(2) Closely focus on your niche theme

Determine your niche market, and then organize your web pages and website content around the core of this theme. You can’t talk about it. Even if the content of a single page is good, but they are placed together and scattered, it can’t reach this point.

After building a website, many people rushed through a few articles, even copied and pasted them, and quickly posted products and advertisements. After a period of time, they found no effect, and changed products and advertisements, but they still didn’t work. It was originally a niche website for study abroad education, but later put on women’s coats, not making money, and changing home ads, but still not working, so I sighed: making money online is too difficult, there are people doing it in all markets, and even saying that making money online is fake , Finally gave up, and since then, he has never had a chance with him again.

Authoritative websites are generally the core of a theme. If you say that I am a versatile person, just like Leonardo da Vinci, who has made achievements in many fields, it is also very simple. Build a website for each theme, don't put them all together. , So it can’t be called an authoritative site.

A few days ago, I bought a Canon SLR camera for my child from the Internet. Before I bought it, I searched on Google to find out those in Chinese and English.Product reviews(Product review), as well as consulting experts in this area offline to determine the cost-effectiveness of some cameras. Generally speaking, I have listened to the opinions of a camera user (camera expert) and am willing to accept a camera introduced by a market butcher Lao Liu? Besides, should I go to a website that specializes in selling cameras or go to a grocery store website that has everything? So, the content should only revolve around your niche theme, and the same is true for the product.

(3) Create high-quality, informative and trustworthy content

A website with no content can't be sustained. Even if it attracts traffic through some tricks, that is, the website has visitors, but when the visitor comes in and finds that the content is not what they are looking for, even the donkey's lips are not right, and they leave soon. This is like a supermarket. In addition to having a certain amount of customer traffic, you must also allow them to increase their stay in your store, so that your supermarket/website is valuable and even become repeat customers. Repeatedly searching for resources here will effectively improve The quantity and quality of pageview (which is one of the indicators to measure the value of a website), and reduce the website/page Bance Rate.

The content of the website must have permanent vitality and readability over time (this is the kind of evergreen content, not all, try to do part of it), and do not provide your readers with unverified self-righteousness Content. (Recently looking forward to publish articles-how to create high-quality website content)

(4) The website link quality is high and reliable-it is better to link to another authoritative website

After a period of website construction, in the website content, we insert many links in the text or other places as needed,Internal links (internal links) and external links. What I want to say now is this external link, the external object of this link, it is best to be an authoritative website. For example, the link points to Wikipedia and some large authoritative websites that have been recognized by search engines for many years, so that the content will be more reliable and worthy of scrutiny. Reliability is greatly improved. Just like the references below the paper, the source of information and content must be authoritative and reliable.

If you are quoting a spam site, it is like saying something to the other person, and you said that what Aunt Zhang said in our corridor, then how does the other person feel? The other party wondered, what does this Aunt Zhang do? If you tell him that this Aunt Zhang is the CEO of Google China, oh, that's another matter, authoritative. In this case, it is necessary to directly indicate the authoritative identity reference: XX authority (title)...

Just like the article I just published on What is an authoritative website, most of the basis in it is citing Wikipedia to illustrate. How do you say its reliability and authority? If you search for the keyword "what is an authoritative website" on Google, you can get a good search ranking (first place) on Google as soon as it is released. Of course, this is only one of the factors that can get Google ranked. See below:

How to make your niche website an authoritative site

Conversely speaking, if a certain authoritative website quotes a certain page of yours, it will also greatly enhance the authority of your website, which is self-evident. If FaceBook Zuckerberg said that a Chinese old bean said in his blog, website optimization work should be done..... Do you think my website traffic is astronomical?

The value of a link from an authoritative website is much greater than a bunch of links from low-authority websites (that is, the quality is higher than the quantity, and I would rather eat a fresh peach than a basket of rotten apricots)

Of course, we can’t do this job ourselves. If you find an authoritative website, you can add a link to my website. You can only concentrate on preparing the content. When that level is reached, those sites will naturally refer to it. This is something you can't get.

(5) Promote yourself-don't promote products

For most of us, the purpose of building a niche niche website is to achieve profitability, or to directly sell products, promote alliance product zone commissions, advertise profitability, and so on. However, as the goal of website construction, it should not be it, it should be yourself.

To make your niche website authoritative, you must first become an authoritative expert in this niche, share your views and thoughts, readers recognize you, and believe and recognize the products you sell. Because the reader will have a very brief process of thinking and judgment: first, such a person knows what is good and what is bad in this field, and has the ability to discriminate; secondly, the text is like the person, if his/her text is trustworthy, Then what he/she introduces, (generally speaking), is also reliable.

In fact, the essence of online sales is to hide your thoughts behind the product.

So, don’t think about what website makes money, how do you focus on sharing this kind of high-value and authoritative information from your own website to readers. From this aspect, it returns to the content mentioned above, or the old saying Content is King!

Maybe you say I don’t understand, or don’t know much in this area, then learn, research and practice, and strive to become an expert in this area and an authority in this field. immediately Just Do It

(6) Interactivity of the website

To interact with your readers, have questions and answers, and answer their questions or questions.

(7) Well-designed website

The setting of website navigation buttons should be convenient for readers to view the content of the website, clear and not cluttered. The design of an authoritative website navigation, page and layout must be easy for readers to read and find content.

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