How do cross-border sellers use shareasale alliance to promote products/shops

For cross-border sellers,affiliate marketingMarketing can create miracles for you. Through this model, you canFree to hire an unlimited number Affiliate connoisseurs promote and sell products for you.

In my opinion, the entire Internet marketing can be regarded as an affiliate marketing model. In foreign countries, this is a very common marketing behavior. Many companies rely on affiliate marketing as their main marketing channel. At present, many domestic enterprises are also aware of this and gradually develop in this direction. There are many solutions to integrate affiliate markting with your business:

for example:

  • According to alliance websites: such as ShareASale, Clickbank, rakuten markting, CJ,viglink,awin, Pepperjam, zannox, avantlink, etc.
  • According to affiliate marketing methods: email marketing, pinterest marekting, social marketing (such as FB marketing)
  • According to the website/shop construction platform: such aswordpress,shopify,weeblyand many more

Each of the above solutions has its own characteristics, depending on its own business goals; for certain types of business, you can create affiliate programs on multiple platforms.

The shareasale alliance is one of the foreign alliances that I personally like very much.Become its affiliateFor about 3 years, I have found a lot of excellent merchants and products on it. The interface and navigation are very clear, and the related tools are also very good. So, take shareasale as an example to talk about how to join marketing (other alliance registration and operation methods will be gradually added in the future, please pay attention).

How to use shareasale merchant alliance to carry out online marketing

No matter whatWebsite platformAny type of website such as shops and business sites built can join shareasale, a high-quality alliance platform, to rapidly expand business globally.

Step 1: Register a shareasale merchant account

First of all, there must be oneshareasale merchant account, This step of registration is free and simple. It’s nothing to say.

Step 2: Complete the account

This step enters your business information center, where you need to complete the following steps:

  • Commission settings (commission)
  • How to attract affiliates
  • How to manage affiliates
  • Install tracking code (tracking code)
  • Test code

Please refer to the above stepsShareasale merchant account setup teaching

Step 3: Set up fees and activate account

After the account configuration is over, the next step is to set the fee and add the minimum deposit. The standard fee for setting up a shareasale merchant account is US$550. In addition, a minimum deposit of US$100 is required. The latter section is used to pay affiliates commissions and define other qualified potential customers.

You can set the automatic deposit option recommended by shareasale to ensure automatic payment when the account is insufficient and prevent the account from being dormant.

Join the shareasale merchant alliance

Click on Click here to make your paymentFor payment, shareasale supports a variety of international credit card payments, such as Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover.

Activate shareasale merchangt account

After payment, ShareASale needs about one day to approve the account. While waiting for approval, you can continue to upload other content, such as banner images, text links, or coupons.

shareasale merchant account

After the account is fully approved, you can add product images and create product links. It is recommended that products use image banners to ensure that affiliates can quickly start promoting with the given image. The ShareASale Merchant Dashboard provides all the tools needed to run a successful affiliate program.

The above process, shareasale will vary from business to business, but the steps of adding product banners and setting coupons are common.

At any time your account is running, you can close the account at any time according to your needs, and shareasale will return the balance in the account to you.

Reference resources:Shareasale Merchant Agreement

15 thoughts on “跨境卖家如何利用shareasale联盟推广产品/店铺”

  1. Hello, I would like to ask whether the merchants who register for ShareAsale are restricted? Every time I click "Enter Setup Wizard" at the end of the registration, the registration page will automatically refresh and the registration is unsuccessful.
    Hope to get your answer, thank you!

    • Regardless of whether it is a merchant or an affiliate, the registration has always been normal, and I have not heard of any abnormalities. Recommendation: Especially for merchant registration, it is best to keep in touch with the other party's support, which is always emphasized by the official.
      Furthermore, according to my experience, many foreign websites do not have problems registering and logging in abroad, but many people will often encounter problems as long as they return to China, including my registration in China, and logging in to normal foreign commercial websites.
      There are generally two reasons:
      1. Domestic network issues
      2. Clear the browser cache, such as google chrome


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