10 ways to teach you how to identify and prevent online fraud projects

Many people have experience of being deceived online. According to relevant statistics, about 90%, whether buying things online, domestic or foreign, or people who want to make money through the Internet, have more or less deceived experiences. I have been scammed several times online and lost hundreds of dollars. But after a long time of doing it, I have also found out some experience. I have become a doctor after a long illness. I have also learned from the experience of others, so I made this article.10 ways to teach you how to identify and prevent online fraud projects.

How to prevent online fraud

This website mainly introduces foreign affiliate marketing affiliate marketing projects. In fact, these methods are also applicable to all network projects, and the reason is the same. After spending a lot of money and putting in a lot of effort to do one thing, I finally found out that I was cheated. Everyone knew what it was like. The feeling of being cheated was quite angry. Besides, time is more important than money now. Not only was money defrauded, but also time was defrauded of hard work.

It can be said that Internet fraud is everywhere, some are very low-level, and can be seen through with basic common sense, but some are really very clever, without some relevant knowledge and experience, you really can’t see it. When you realize it, there will be no money. NS.

However, there are still some very effective ways to identify and avoid online fraud. (I will gradually list some good projects and scam projects and their analysis process in this blog). Especially some friends who do shopping on foreign shopping websites, find out

10 ways to identify what is an online fraud project

Internet fraud projects generally have some commonalities. I will list them below and do some analysis briefly. These characteristics can also be used as a method to identify Internet project fraud.

(1) Video fraud:

If you find a website, there is only one video. This video is a guy (or male or female) who is passionately talking about how good his product or project is, how much money you can make through this, but if you look carefully, you will find that this is not mentioned in the whole article. The details of the thing, you don’t even know what it is after reading it at the end. The provocative nature of this kind of video is quite powerful, and you often ask him to do what he said before you finish watching it (I was like this at the beginning). This kind of thing is as far away as possible. It is basically a fraud project.

One of the examples of online video scams
Online video fraud example 2
Example 3 of Internet Fraud

The above is an example of a scam video (screenshots of related videos)

(2) Cannot find contact or help information on the website

Generally formal websites, especially websites that require you to pay for selling products or providing services. The information on this kind of website is very comprehensive. In addition to product information, there are two essentials. One is contact information, and the other is support information. Because the site owner/company cares about his customers very much, he should answer your questions as much as possible to eliminate your questions, and basically answer all questions. If these two items are missing on such a website, or there are but very vague, then this kind of website may be unreliable. Do not spend money or enter credit card information on it.

(3) The response time exceeds 48 hours

Examples of Internet fraud projects

Regular companies or websites, especially foreign ones, are very concerned about this time. There is a description on his website that he will reply to you within a few working days (business day), but generally it will not exceed 48 hours. If it takes a long time, even if his things are true, then it means that the service and reputation are relatively poor. After paying, if there is a problem, it will be very troublesome to contact him. Maybe he does not have the ability to solve your problem. Treat this kind of problem. Websites should be cautious. So, before making the payment, ask a few questions and try it out.

(4) 60-day money-back guarantee

60-day money-back guarantee scam

Many foreign websites provide this guarantee for an unconditional refund within -60 days, but don't completely believe this. If a merchant repeatedly emphasizes the 60-day or 30-day money-back guarantee on the product introduction page, it is likely that the quality of the product is defective or it is a scam. When you really want a refund, you find it's very troublesome. Especially for Chinese people, one is the language problem, and the other is that you are not familiar with the structure of foreign websites, etc. In the end, you may give up the refund. clickbank(What is Clickbank) The above products are all 60-day money-back guarantees. Pay attention when doing them, and do relevant investigations in advance. There are also many scam items inside.

(5) Urgently ask you to pay for the purchase

Many websites have put forward some slogans: hurry up, there is not much inventory, or "Limited spots available! Hurry before I have to take this down!" and so on. And you see that the promotion time on it does decrease every second. At this time, you may not be able to wait and place an order. But if you have to refresh this page again, you will see this time number and start from the beginning. A company or website that is truly creditable, the discount is a real discount, and will tell you a clear way, location (in which countries and regions), and time. If you miss it, you really missed it, and you have to wait for the next wave.Understand clearly and then pay.

Urge payment to buy

(6) Promise to make money in a very short time-unrealistic and exaggerated publicity or promise

This situation mostly occurs in some franchise projects, saying how much money can be made a day if you buy this software or join our platform. Many projects will say, "This does not require any experience" (this sentence is true, it does not require experience, but first you need to learn), "How much money is made in a day", and some even say "No need to work, just a little mouse "Just fine", "you needn't to work", "make *dollars a day!" and other language and vocabulary project websites, almost none of them are true.

Example of making money without experience

For example, most of the "data entry" on the Internet are basically fake. Remember: there is no pie in the sky. The general formula for all ways to make money is: hard work + correct method (or + necessary tools) = success. After you succeed, you can tell others that this project can make 1,000 dollars a day, 2,000 dollars, and so on. This is the result of success. Success requires an indispensable time course, and you have to figure it out.

(7) Upsells upsell or upsell(I don’t know how to express it in Chinese, this was checked by Baidu)

upsell upsell

The so-called upsell generally means that you bought a product at a very low price at the beginning, and then the other party will tell you how much more to spend, and how to (upgrade function)... (Not all upsell projects or products are scams, There are also some good products using this sales method) This is one of the most common methods of online fraud. When you first bought it (initial sales) it might be only 1 dollar or a few dollars, and then you will receive a lot of information asking you to upsells, downsells, etc., and finally you find that you need to spend an additional hundreds or even thousands of dollars. , In order to buy this product/item, or unlock all product features. So at the beginning, you have to figure out what the total price is, what the corresponding functions are, and whether they are all the functions you need.

Let me give you an example. It turns out that all my websites (domain names and web hosting) are on bluehost (this is a famous web hosting business). His homepage introduction is only 3.95 US dollars a month, there are no hidden fees, and a free one is given. Domain name, a free $50 Google advertising fee, I only know after I register and pay: this price is the price of a new member, not the second year; this free domain name will be charged after 1 year, and the $50 Google advertising fee does not include China, except Except for those free wordpress themes, the others are all charged, and the price is not low, and there are some messy things, a lot of money in a year. The site received a lot of spam comments, and it would cost money to block it (but there was no spam comment after the move, and the host company blocked it). The key is that you don't know how much money you will need if you get those features. I searched the Internet and found that many foreigners were also complaining, so I moved all the websites. I hope that no matter how much a product is, I can make it clear all at once. (Don’t get me wrong, bluehost is not a scam website. In fact, this is a sales strategy of merchants, but I’m afraid that many people don’t like this situation and feel a little trapped.) To understand:Why is this product so much cheaper than similar products, or so much more expensive, what is the difference?.

(8) Whether the webpage or website design is professional

The website design of a formal project is generally very professional. It is pleasing to the eye on the one hand, and easy to navigate on the other. There are various detailed instructions and contact methods, which can basically answer your questions. Of course, there are also pseudo-sites that are beautifully designed, but a closer look must be unprofessional. This is based on personal experience. (The design of an advertising website that I was deceived used to be relatively poor. At that time, I had too little experience, and now I forgot the URL.)

(9) Website payment security

Regular shopping websites generally add a safe & secure logo at the bottom of the website, which means that it is safe to use credit cards, paypal, etc. on it. (This is not a random addition, it needs relevant certification). Although some websites do not have this logo, if you use paypal to pay, you should pay attention to whether you are taken to the paypal payment page after clicking, as shown in the following diagram (in addition, please note that the browser URL must start with www.paypal.com, counterfeiting The paypal payment page is generally unable to forge the URL in the address bar)

Paypal official website payment page

Check whether the website has a private policy and content.

Payment security signs for foreign websites

The picture above isExamples of payment security marks on foreign websites

(10) Fake pictures

There is another kind I don’t know if you have seen it. On the sales page of a product (especially the single page-this website basically only has this one page), there is a scene: in the back is a luxury mansion, (or a swimming pool, or a luxury yacht) in front of it A Laborghini or Porsche, a guy sitting on a bench with a laptop on his lap, or with video. He is showing you that you have made a fortune through this product and how your life is now. This is 100% fake. There are many such sites, and most of the scenes are the same.

Make money online

In addition, I also summarized two very small experiences:

Video promotion proved to be a very effective way of promotion, this is not uncommon. Over the years, I have watched a lot of such videos, but how do you tell which ones are real product promotions and which ones are scammers?

Listening intonation

For the promotion of a real product (or something else), the propagandist will focus on the product itself and introduce him in a very plain language or tone. I think this is also due to his self-confidence. Of course, it is not ruled out that some passionate individuals will adopt that kind of passionate tone, but his tone is based on detailed content. If there is only passion and no content, then you should be careful. Everyone has this experience more or less. Try to figure it out, isn't it?

Look at the face

In the video of this online fraud project, men or women are introducing how this project is popular and how easy it is to make money. This kind of person generally gives you the feeling of being lazy and street swindler. You can't see the sincerity and perseverance in her/his eyes. They are all acting. (You can search the Internet for this kind of money-making videos and compare them with those that actually introduce the product. Is it true?)

According to the above method, if you are not too greedy, you can basically avoid network fraud. Then, among these countless commodities or projects, how to find those truly valuable products or commercial will? Regarding the above items, it is very simple. Combining the following items with the opposite of the ones listed above can basically be regarded as true.

What is a formal and legal online project?

The following items can help you select some reliable, credible, formal and legal online projects:

(1) The appearance looks like real

This sentence is a bit strange like nonsense, but it is not. Only fake things imitate the real can it survive. So the real thing should first look real, and it should sound real, which is the minimum. In addition, we must pay attention to the fact that real things must be flawed, not perfect, and be careful if they are too perfect.


(2) It sounds real and has a natural tone

In the video introduction related to this kind of project website, the characters are introducing the product with a natural voice tone. Because his attention is focused on introducing this product or project, not on exaggerated language or tone, how much money can you make in a day or a month. After reading it, you will definitely have a rough outline and know what it is and if it is what you need.

(3) Emphasize the need to work hard to achieve goals and give methods

If the other party clearly tells you what kind of product, what features, and characteristics when introducing it, it is necessary to achieve the goal through hard work. Although this thing is suitable for inexperienced novices, it can not be completed by clicking the mouse every day, and it can tell you a step-by-step clear method. Such projects can be considered to participate. Once some things are given a method and way, you can judge the authenticity.

For example, MLM. At the beginning, it must be said that what a great product can make a fortune and make a fortune. But once he gives the method, you will understand: it is to develop your closest person as a downline, invest money in it, and then make money level by level. So, if you know his method or method, you will also understand it. Most of it.

Make money through your own efforts

So, you are willing to do projects that seem to be simple to earn easy money (in the end it turns out to be a scam), or build your solid business through hard work, and it will bring you a lot of money every month in the future What about your income? Different choices on this question also show whether you have the potential to be deceived.

(4) Show the content of the product/project

I said above, although in the video or related introduction, it is impassioned, how good this thing is, how much money it can make, and so on. In the end, after reading or listening, do you have a general understanding of this thing and know what it is. General fraud products or projects, you must be at a loss at the end of the introduction, with only one feeling: this thing is very good and very profitable. But you really don't know what it is, do you? In the actual project introduction, you must be introducing this product, nothing else, and in the end you must know exactly what it is.

(5) There is a free trial opportunity

Free web project

Generally speaking, very few online fraud projects are free. The reason is very simple. Once you try it for free, you will know what it is. A confident product allows customers to try it out for free, which will make you feel it. This gives you an opportunity to fully understand all the characteristics of the product, and you will have a choice. Don't buy it if it is inappropriate, or keep it free until you understand it, and then decide whether to pay. Generally, such websites don't need credit card information at the beginning, just register with an email address. Don't get me wrong, free just gives you a chance to test, not all free is good. Generally, you will be notified of payment standards, features and other information during the free trial period. Compared to the 60-day money-back guarantee, I personally think that free is pretty reliable. The money spent is returned, even if it is true, the process is quite lengthy. (Don’t be too absolute in this one. There are many good projects that are not free, but free will give you a chance to identify. For novices, free is still a necessary way to intervene.)

(6) Reasonable and logical

I value this one the most.

What is right or truth must be reasonable and logical. False or wrong must be contrary to common sense, contradictory or logically confused. No matter how the other party promotes it, you have to put his words together in your mind, and draw a clue to see if they are inconsistent. You said, there are some fake things, but I think it is reasonable? That's because you don't really understand it. Some are true, but you think it is very contradictory. For example, scientists say that our world exists in three-dimensional space, but in fact there are four-dimensional, five-dimensional, and six-dimensional spaces. This is wrong. It is the same in our real life. Think about some of the scams you have encountered. Are they very absurd and illogical. This leads to another method:

(7) Choose something within the scope of your knowledge and ability understanding

This thing is within the scope of your knowledge and abilities, so you can hardly be deceived. It's easy to lie to you by changing a field you don't understand. You feel that you have no ability and conditions to identify a thing or thing, do not contact him for the time being, and wait for a certain amount of investigation and research before making a decision. Although this may lose some opportunity, it is more reliable.

Real foreign alliance project-real business opportunity

Generally speaking, the projects that everyone has participated in or recommended are basically true (in this case, even if it is false, the false is true), like these are freeFamous foreign advertising allianceNot only are there many people joining in foreign countries, but it is also very common in China.affiliate marketing tutorials and tools, Choose one or two to join, write a fewProduct promotion pageYou can start to make money. Don't expect the goal of making money too high at the beginning. If you can find this article, it means that you are not familiar with this aspect of online business. Please proceed step by step, also refer toBeginner's Guide to Affiliate Marketing, Understand the basic operation process.

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