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Affiliate marketing in Chinese means affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate network marketing, membership marketing, website marketing and many other Chinese translations and names, but the meaning is the same.

Affiliate MarketingAs one of the main methods of current Internet marketing, it has become a mainstream and very mature way of making money on the Internet abroad. Don't think that it is false to say that the Internet makes money. In fact, many market giants have adopted this method to expand the market and have been very successful. For example, the famous Amazon website uses affiliate marketing to promote its products to the world. His great success is inseparable from this affiliate marketing method (Ebay is the same.)

Affiliate Marketing meaning in Chinese

Let's first take a look at the Chinese meaning of these two words (there are many meanings, only explain the meaning in this field):

The so-called affiliate, this word is both a verb and a noun. As a verb, it means joining, accepting... as a member (member); as a noun, it means joining, member or member.

Marketing is relatively simple. As a noun, everyone knows that it means market, so as a gerund, it means marketing.

As these two words are combined into one, the Chinese meaning of "afiliate marketing" is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Marketing composition form

This form of affiliate marketing is generally composed of three aspects (seeWhat is affiliate marketing)

  1. Want to promote your own products to customers to achieve profitable sales of various company websites (the affiliate program that provides the product, some people call this party an advertising alliance)
  2. Promoters, that is, affiliates, are generally based on individuals (and companies also join), usingOwn websiteApply to join the promotion to make money.
  3. Third-party promotion platforms, such as affiliate marketing platforms such as Clickbank, CJ, etc.

There are also independent affiliate marketing methods, that is, this platform is the initiator of the product side, that is, they provide their own Affiliate program, and then let the affiliate join the promotion only composed of these two aspects, the commission (commission) is also paid by themselves, and Not a third party like Clickbank. E.gShopify Alliance,WA Alliance,ClixsenseAnd someForeign survey websiteI personally like this kind of online money-making platform very much, because it is very easy and fast to collect money.

In addition, there are some that are not very clear, such asAmazon Alliance, You can think of it as a third-party alliance, but it is not a problem to regard it as an independent alliance.

How to make money in Affiliate Marketing

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