How to choose a domain name for Affiliate Marketing website

Domain name is an important factor to consider when building Affiliate Marketing website. The domain name is the URL in the address bar. For example, the domain name of this site is

Domain names are charged on an annual basis.TLDThe price of a domain name (TLD is the abbreviation of Top-level Domain, which means top-level domain name, such as .com .org .net) is about $15.

The domain selection rules introduced in this article are not only applicable to affiliate marketing website construction, but also applicable to other types of websites.
How to choose a domain name

Basic principles of Affiliate Markting domain name selection

The basic idea behind these rules (this is also what Google officially talks about in SEO optimization): Don't let visitors cause any confusion, trouble or confusion when they enter and visit your website.

The domain name also affects the ranking of the website to a certain extent.

Try to avoid digits, dashes (hyphens) and incorrect spelling in the domain name

Suppose, you have a website with such a domain name:

When readers enter this website, first of all, as far as the domain name is concerned, they don't know what this website is about, and they have to look at the content to know. In addition, if your website is not linked, users need to copy and paste it into the address bar and press Enter to access it.

Furthermore, what would you say (pronounced) if you were to introduce your website on the phone or verbally? No word has practical meaning, and the pronunciation of the number 2 is the same as the pronunciation of words such as to or too. It is easy to make mistakes. After a few tries, it doesn’t work, so I don’t bother to visit the website.

Domain name suffix

There are many domain name suffixes now, which is also an aspect that puzzles novices, and I don't know how to choose. When choosing a suffix, first consider its popularity, and then consider website ranking factors. There are many factors that affect rankings, but in terms of domain name suffixes, the top 3 TLDs in the ranking order are:


In addition, other suffixes can be considered, for example:

  • .co – Related to the company
  • .net -Related to technology
  • .biz – Commercial and e-commerce websites
  • .info – Information website
  • .blog – Blog
  • .design -Used for web design agencies and communities

In addition, there are some domain names that complement the industry promoted by affiliate marketing websites, such as:

.club, .bargains, .directory, .photography, .gift, etc.


The length of the domain name of the Affiliate Marketing website should be limited to no more than 16 characters, and the use of hyphens should be avoided. The longer the name, the less likely it is that users will remember it (unless the EMD domain name mentioned below).

Try to avoid using hyphens (short lines and the like), because hyphens will reduce the authority or credibility of the domain name.

Note: Regarding the short-term reduction of the domain name in the domain nameauthoritative , Although not everyone’s opinion, most people do, and some authoritative organizations think so, such asnamecheapThat's it, everyone knows this point of view, try to avoid using it in the domain name -)

Affiliate Marketing website domain name selection method

Use EMD domain name

EMD (abbreviation for Exact Match Domain) domain name uses niche keywords as domain names, that is, exact match domain names, such as, and the like. The brand domain name uses the brand as the domain name, such as

Five or six years ago, websites that used EMD wereKeyword search rankingvery good. If you use a keyword to search for something on Google, if the domain name of the website happens to contain this keyword, then the website will appear in the search results immediately, and the ranking will be very high.

Many people who make money on websites have created many such EMD domain name websites to fish in troubled waters after knowing this secret. In fact, many of these websites have no substantive content and are even misleading, but they still achieve rankings. Then the authority of Google keyword search results is not so strong. Later, Google’s algorithm was updated, and many suchSite ranking dropped.

This has caused quite a stir in the niche marketing market, and many people think that EMD websites are no longer ranking. I have also seen many Chinese articles saying that keyword optimization and search have reached a dead end, which is not the case.

This EMD domain name is still ranked like any other domain name, and it has certain advantages.

At that time, there was another technique in this regard, namely keyword density. If the keyword inserted in the article/website (the keyword is to achieve search ranking), the higher the density, the higher the ranking. At that time, some Internet companies used some cheating methods in order to make their client websites meet this ranking standard. For example, a large number of keywords are inserted into a web page, but readers cannot see this keyword because it matches the background color of the web page and is for search engines. They call this a "ghost page". Therefore, in SEO optimization now, don't pay too much attention to this keyword density indicator.
In addition, the keyword density you understand is not important if you simply repeat the keyword. However, I want to say that this is still very important and contradictory, right? If you want to feel contradictory, it's because you don't really understand the keywords. Keyword density, including its various variants: that is, using different terms/words to express the same meaning, that is, naturally put into the text, it is actually a high-quality original behavior. You can figure it out, does it mean this?

EMD will provide the advantage of ranking for selected keywords. If your domain name contains keywords with low competition but high traffic, then this kind of domain name can relatively easily bring a lot of traffic to your website.

As soon as you see your domain name, everyone will immediately understand what your website is about.

For example, if you want to build a website to sell walkie-talkies used in self-driving tours, or you want to go on a road trip to form a team, look for walkie-talkies. If there is such a website, then you will know what the website does when you see the domain name, and you will know that you are in the right place.

I checked it just now. There is no such website, but there is a website called What do you think this website does?

Find a domain starting at $0.88

powered by Namecheap

While searching for using the domain name tool above, I found The price of this domain name is: $31,200.00/year. A good domain name itself can increase the value of a website.

In the Internet world, a few seconds determine the life and death of sales: the sales may be successful, or the user may simply close your website window and search for other clues.

Use BRAND domain name

Branding as a domain name also has many advantages ( is an example of brand domain), and it can grow over timeGet website authority.

As a brand, coupled with your logo, it is easy for your customers to identify and remember the domain name for a long time. Maybe you don't have a brand at the beginning, design a name, add a logo, and grow with the content of the website. During this process, actively publish the brand domain name and logo on your social platforms and forums. After a long time, it will naturally become a brand. This is a long-term SEO strategy.

The disadvantage is that do not register a copyrighted brand as a domain name, it will be very troublesome in the future.

Use localized domain names

If the customer base (audience target) of your affiliate marketing website is in a specific area, then this kind of marketing of yours can be said to be local marketing, and the use of domain names should be consistent with it as much as possible. E.g:,,, etc.

How can you consider adopting your customer base in the United States, Canada, North domain name, This domain name is like a coat, disguising your website as a North American company, increasing credibility in the eyes of customers.

What domain name is best for affiliate marketing website?

For newbies in affiliate marketing, you can try a variety of combinations and don't be bound by principles.

For Chinese and English affiliate marketing websites, the above rules apply. Then, for English website construction, I suggest using EMD domain name. why?

I mentioned earlier that EMD domain names are not fully trusted by Google, but the reason for this is: only focus on EMD domain names and not high quality content.

If the content is good, EMD still has advantages.

This is Google's suggestion on the use of EMD domain names in the past few years, and it is greatly advocated. The following video is an explanation by Google engineer Matt Cutts (you should know this person if you are engaged in the Internet), emphasizing the importance of using keywords in domain names to affect search rankings.

Remember this person has a speech: If you can persist in writing 500 words every day, then your future changes will be great. Probably it means this, it's pretty good, go to search and have a look.

New domain names with short English domain names (even numbers) that can be adopted now are difficult to find, so the domain name can be longer, and the longer domain name is EMD. Moreover, this EMD domain name essentially uses a niche as the domain name. Visitors will know what you are doing when they see this domain name, which is convenient for marketing.

Although the domain name rules say that there should be no numbers as much as possible. Actually, this is not exactly the case. There is a special number, that is, the number 101. This number represents the meaning of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) and encyclopedia questions and answers.

How would you feel if you saw a website with such a domain

This website is all about whiskey: whisky products, whisky culture, whisky history, etc. It should still be a very good EMD domain name. (Checked, this domain name has been registered, but no website has been established.)

Here are a few more examples of EMD domain names:

Make money online and how to make money online are both extremely popular keywords. It is extremely difficult for you to get a ranking on this keyword, and the following similar domain names have already been registered:,,, etc., including suffixes such as .net, .org, etc., don’t need to check this, you will know that there are no more. If you can find out what is missing in this regard, you have registered such a domain name and you don’t need to build a website. Selling the domain name directly is a huge income.

However, another domain registration method related to it is still good, that is, after the above popular domain name, add a name, my English name is Michael, I can create such a website: or

Obviously, the former is much better than the latter (think about it, why?). This kind of domain name is still an excellent domain name in the industry and can bring a lot of target traffic.

Keyword tooljaaxyIt is also a very convenient EMD domain name research tool.

Note: EMD domain names composed of 2 words may be scarce now, try more than 3 words.

About the domain name of this site

You will find that the domain name of this site does not follow the above rules. The domain name is composed of Hanyu Pinyin and the number 88. This domain name was registered more than ten years ago. At that time, seemed to have been registered, so let's add a number to distinguish it. At that time, "fafafa" (the number 8 homophonic) was popular, and it was easy to remember anyway, and it became what it is now.

This site is a Chinese website, and it is also in Chinese for readers. The domain name adopts Hanyu Pinyin, which is not inappropriate. It is possible that in traditional Chinese regions (such as Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc.), these people have not learned Chinese pinyin, which does not form the advantage of pinyin domain names for visitors from these regions.

laterJoin WAAfter that, my horizons widened, all the site was revised, the content was added from scratch, learning how to create, how to research keywords, etc., the web page gradually got rankings, readers increased month by month, and later moved to the wealthy affiliate together with the domain name and host. Insist on creating seriously, and soon many webpages can reach the Google search homepage of the keyword within two or three minutes after publishing.Top three.

The reason why I say this is to explain that the domain name rules are not static. This is just a general rule. It can also be said that there are no rules. The key lies in whether the website has substantive original content.

Whether the domain name is perfect or not, this is just the beginning. The content of the website is the core of the website. I will explain this issue in future courses.

There is another problem. When registering a domain name, you should consider it.

If you find a particularly good domain name, it is very valuable, not only to register .com, it is best to register .org and .net together, so as to prevent others from rubbing your traffic and protecting your brand.

For example, as mentioned above, if a high-value domain name is found, it is best to register and at the same time.

You can use any of the above domain names to build a website, and then redirect the other two domain names to point to the website at the same time.

Where to register affiliate marketing domain names

There are several situations for domain name registration:

The first case

If after research, I found a good domain name with a rough outline, but I don’t know how to do it. I just want to register this domain name. I’ll talk about the rest later. In this case, I suggest, existnamecheap registration(This is the globalThe best domain registrarOne, now may be the first), no matter where the site is built in the future, there will be room for operation.

Second case

I know exactly what I want to do. I don’t need others to tell me how to do it. I am an industry and SEO expert. I only need a good domain name to build a website. Then you can buy the host directly. In this case, the domain name is usually free. The sequence is as follows:

  1. namecheap domain name plan
  2. siteground domain name plan
  3. bluehost domain name plan

The third case

Basically don't understand, need to be led by experts. Choose domain name, host site, keywords, choose project products, optimize promotion, etc.

Basically don't understand, need to be led by experts. Choose domain name, host site, keywords, select project products, optimize promotion, etc., thenRegister a domain name with wealthy affiliate, All problems are solved here.

In this article, the domain name examples listed are not checked in advance, but are written based on my understanding and experience. Some of the domain names are in the for sale status after the links are entered. This is because many people make money by registering and selling domain names. Domain names are also an extremely lucrative niche market.

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