Analysis of 4 English Writing Steps

English writing is a process involving at least four steps: writing preparation (pre-writing), drafting, revision, and editing. This step is called a recursive process. When making changes, you may have to return to the writing step to develop and expand your ideas. Whether you are writing a college essay or a blog, you can produce high-quality English articles by understanding the basic writing process steps.

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Grammarly User Guide-The most powerful English writing/proofing/grammar checking tool

Grammarly: One of the best English writing tools

How can Chinese who use English as a second language ensure that their English writing is error-free and easy to read?

English spelling errors and grammatical errors can be embarrassing, and sometimes these errors can even reduce the credibility of the article (such as the English description of some products with many errors). Two years ago, I accidentally discovered Grammarly, a grammar check tool for proofreading articles, book chapters, and blog posts. It is excellent, and the key is that the free function is also very good.

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