List of the 8 highest-ranked merchants in the ShareaSale alliance

ShareasaleThere are many excellent merchants in the alliance platform, and among these merchants, a lot of them belong to shareasale. Below I will introduce the top 8 merchants according to the power rank of shareasale. If your website’s niche content matches them, and your website has a certain amount of traffic, you can apply to promote these merchants.

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How to register and open a shareasale alliance account for Chinese publishers

As one of the top alliances in the United States (and the world)shareasaleHas been loved and joined by affiliates all over the world (nowAwin AllianceThis article teaches you how to apply for registration and open a free account for affiliates or publishers in China.

At the beginning, I searched the Internet and found many excellent products/projects and companies, and I always wanted to promote them. When I applied for these companies, I found that they all required to join shareasale to promote, but the China option was not found on the affiliate application page of shareasale. See I do not support or welcome Chinese people to join (but merchants apply for joining there is China), so I have not applied. However, I found out that many excellent merchants and products I found many times are here, so I decided to send an email to shareasale to ask what happened. The following is a screenshot of the response:

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