Udemy Course-Introduction to Large-scale Online Open Courses

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Introduction to Udemy

What is UdemyAs a large-scale online course learning platform, Udemy is aimed at adult professional learning in a certain field. Not likeMOOC(Large-scale open online classrooms (courses), Also known asMOOC) Teaching traditional university courses like that. There are no credits for the study courses, but some courses can obtain technical certification. The study courses are mainly for improving work-related skills.

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How to apply for a Udemy course refund

If you buyUdemy courses(Remark:What is Udemy) If you are not satisfied, you can apply for a refund from Udemy for all courses purchased within 30. The details are as follows:

However, please note that this refund is only supported through Udemy’s official website andAndroid appCourses purchased; through third-party platforms or iOS appThe purchased courses are non-refundable, so everyone try to buy courses from their official website.

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