Mistakes and Rumors About Applying for Google Adsense (Approval)

Mistakes and Rumors About Applying for Google Adsense  (Approval)

I often read some Chinese blogs saying,Apply for google adsense It is more difficult, and there are several conditions. For example, the new website/new domain name is more than half a year old, how much traffic is required, and so on. I said, it has nothing to do with this. (This is officially released by Google google adsense application qualification)

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Five ways to use the Google function to mine English long-tail keywords

Use Google features to mine long-tail keywords

Five methods/tools to expand and mine English long-tail keywords using multiple free products and powerful functions of Google (this method is also applicable to query and search Chinese long-tail keywords).

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How to export and share the Google Analytics report of a WordPress website

Sharing website analysis data is a very effective way to gain the trust of customers, customers, team members and potential business partners. However, the normal operation of sharing analysis reports requires granting access to Google Analytics accounts to these people, which will reveal confidential data of their own websites.

Moreover, this is the best way to persuade the other party, the data tells everything.

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Three steps to add Google ad code to the sidebar of your WordPress website

Google ads can be placed in many places on WordPress sites, and there are many good places. At least the sidebar is one of the best places to display google adsense ads. Then this article will teach you how to place the ad code in this position and get it right exhibit.

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