Marketing case of Affiliate Marketing website using exit intention technology to increase revenue by 30%

For affiliate marketing websites built by affiliate marketers, the biggest hope or direction of website optimization is to increase website traffic, and the ultimate goal of increasing traffic is to increase the number of clicks on affiliate links. In this case, Top 6 Digital usesExit intention techniqueBy increasing affiliate link clicks and conversion rate, increase commission income by 30%.

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What is an exit intention technique

Exit intention technology is a behavioral technology used to track and monitor the activities of website visitors, and to detect whether visitors have made purchases or left information (such as email subscriptions) when they leave the website. If not, a targeted marketing information window will pop up to such visitors (the moment they leave the site). This technology aims to reduce cart abandonment, increase conversion rates, and attract more lead generation.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing in Chinese means affiliate marketing, affiliate marketing, affiliate network marketing, membership marketing, website marketing and many other Chinese translations and names, but the meaning is the same.

Affiliate MarketingAs one of the main methods of current Internet marketing, it has become a mainstream and very mature way of making money on the Internet abroad. Don't think that it is false to say that the Internet makes money. In fact, many market giants have adopted this method to expand the market and have been very successful. For example, the famous Amazon website uses affiliate marketing to promote its products to the world. His great success is inseparable from this affiliate marketing method (Ebay is the same.)

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Use Wealthy Affiliate to build a network

Use online platforms to build contacts to promoteaffiliate marketingIt is very important, which allows your product or business to get the maximum exposure and extension. The larger your network, the more people you know, and the greater the traffic for the website. This article is especially useful for thoseBuild English websiteIt is helpful to make money from marketing products, please read it patiently.

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