Namecheap vs GoDaddy: As a domain name registration & hosting service, which is better in 2021?

Namecheap vs GoDaddy: As a domain name registration & hosting service, which is better

Both Namecheap and GoDaddyIt is famous for its domain name service and competitive price hosting,This is the similarity between the two. But this is just the appearance, in fact it is very different.

Both are excellent, but Namecheap is easier to use, provides a seamless managed WordPress platform, has a wide range of features, and it is cheaper than GoDaddy.

Here is a brief analysis of these two more famous competitors to see which one is more suitable for you.

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RafflePress – The best WordPress giveaway plugin to make lead sales fly



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26 most mature ways to make money for WordPress blog sites

As the world's largest online publishing platform, WordPress occupies more than 25-30% of all websites. You can use WordPress and blogs to do whatever you like to make money, with flexible time and place, such as your own home. It is up to you to make more money.

In this article, I will share the relatively best "mature" method of making money using a WordPress blog site.

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How to export and share the Google Analytics report of a WordPress website

Sharing website analysis data is a very effective way to gain the trust of customers, customers, team members and potential business partners. However, the normal operation of sharing analysis reports requires granting access to Google Analytics accounts to these people, which will reveal confidential data of their own websites.

Moreover, this is the best way to persuade the other party, the data tells everything.

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A few simple steps to make wordpress order form/order form

With the help of WPForms and Stripe, Authorize.Net and PayPal integration, an order form (order form) can be created on the WordPress website within a few minutes, and payment can be accepted when the customer submits the form.

You can also create an order form (from the order information generated by the customer) to accept payment for orders in the future.

In this article, show how to create two types of order forms with online payment and without payment.

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