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Asclickbank foreign advertising allianceIn marketing product promotion, everyone sees problems from different perspectives, and handles them differently (promotion methods). It is a shortcut to learn from other people's successful experiences. Regardless of the method and method, only when you take it to practice it yourself and become your own thing is the most valuable. The e-books introduced in this article are all free. They are all about the personal experience, promotion methods, and related tools used by clickbank masters. I hope these e-books can give you a deep understanding of the clickbank advertising alliance and can Really earn real money from it.

Clickbank alliance to make money e-book download

Attachment: You can also learn how to make e-books and content writing.

(1) E-book name: $100day with YouTube + ClickBank (how to use youtube to promote clickbank products)
Number of pages: 28
Document type: PDF file, free download address
Note: download link is no longer provided, please search in google

In the first chapter, how to choose clickbank products, the author teaches you which categories of products are less competitive, how to select suitable products from gravity 12-14, and then use google trend and Alex to filter the best clickbank promotion product.

In the second chapter, how to search and prepare keywords for the title and label of the product. The content of this chapter can also refer to this3 important factors of English keywordsas well asGoogle keyword search techniques. However, the author explains from another angle in this e-book, which can be combined for practice.

Chapter 3: How to describe

Chapter 4: How to make a video clip

Final chapter: How to promote the video

(2) E-book title: A guide to making money online with clickbank (clickbank alliance to make money guide)
Number of pages: 28 pages
Type: rtf type (downloadable as word save) free download address
Note: download link is no longer provided, please search in google

At the beginning of this article, I also started by selecting clickbank products, but the author of this article uses another method to teach you to find excellent products with gravity below 60, set up a bing free advertising account, and use PPC to promote clickbank products.

In the production of PPC advertising campaign, the query and setting of product keywords and their matching types are introduced. How to write PPC ad titles and content that can attract clicks.

Contents of this article:

  • How to find highly converting offers on ClickBank in merely minutes.
  • How to set up Your Bing ads account.
  • How to make use of affiliate resources section to make your campaigns even faster
  • How to set up a complete profitable Bing campaign for a particular ClickBank product.
  • How to research highly profitable keywords in under one minute.
  • Tool that I personally use to multiply the number of keywords generated.

(3) E-book name: Instant Clickbank Cash Formula (Clickbank makes money quickly)
Number of pages: 26
Document type: PDF file/free download address
Note: download link is no longer provided, please search in google

Don't be misled by the name of this e-book, the quick money mentioned here is not the kind of scam or the like. Compared with the previous two e-books, how to choose clickbank products, how to apply to join clickbank to open an account, etc. are not covered in this e-book. This book has a unique approach. (It is estimated that many people did not think of it). The content of more than 20 pages only talks about two aspects or can be said to be two methods: it is all about traffic for your clickbank products and related site resources.

One is how to search for products that people are interested in and the problems that need to be solved, and from this problem to find suitable clickbank products to promote (in fact, this is niche marketing), the method introduced is a bit unique but very detailed. In a nutshell, how to use the target traffic of this particular group of people to the corresponding clickbank products. (First find interested customers, then find products, just the opposite of the usual way.)

The other is to teach you how to make a 4-page PDF e-book/document to promote clickbank products, how to insert or describe your affiliate link, how to make readers willing to click on your link, and the source of the document’s traffic .

It’s important to note that if you’reBlog site constructionIf you feel confused, then this book is exactly what you should read. No website is needed to promote clickbank products.

(To be continued)

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