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Release Notes

As excellentInvestigate money making websitesOne of clixsense, has now been renamed ySense. This advertising alliance has not only changed its name, but also has clearer navigation, richer content, and more convenient online earning, which will be described in detail below.

ySense (Clixsense)background

Clixsense was founded by Mr. Steven Grisky in 2007, and was later sold to Mr. Jim Grago in May 2010, and has since been operated and managed by him.

ySense (Clixsense)What is it?

Clixsense (ySense) is a site of PTC (Pay to click) plus online surveys. You can click on the ads in clixsense and participate in the survey projects he provides to make money. The revenue of a single advertisement is $0.001 to $0.02, and the revenue of a single survey task is between $0.1 to $5.

Who can register to joinySense (Clixsense)

There are no restrictions, all kinds of people cansign up for free. Novice and professional level.

Domestic friends should note that if you use vpn to register, then ySense will automatically select the country based on your IP and cannot be changed. Try not to use it. If you want to use it, it is better to use the IP of the original country when logging in in the future. Otherwise, you may close the account some day.

ySense (Clixsense)How much money can you make in a day

It is very easy to make money in clixsense. The overall daily income is variable, depending on your activity. The average daily income of PTC clicks on ads is US$0.04, and the average daily income of survey tasks is US$20, depending on whether your country and region support it.

Please read on for specific ways to make money and ways to expand income.

ySense (Clixsense)How to start making money

After registration, The first step is to enter your registered email verification first, and click the confirm email address button in the ySense email. The second step is to unlock survey.

When you click on the survey task, he will ask you to first complete the self-survey (profile) to unlock, click the unlock survey button on the right, as shown in the figure below (you can open the picture in a new tab to view the original picture):

How ySense makes money

After you finish the survey and update your profile, you can participate in the survey and make money.

How to useySense (Clixsense)Make money-Raiders tutorial

Just clicking on ads to make money is very slow, although there are some survey tasks to make money to supplement it. However, clixsense provides a referral program, (that is, recommended to join), you can earn more, and there is a significant difference in income in this respect.

(1) Complete survey tasks to make money (Survey)

Clixsense's survey task and unit price are not bad, a few dollars a little, even 3-4 dollars, but the disadvantage is that the time is slightly longer.

(3) Complete various offers to make money

Clixsense provides a variety of offers for members to make money, these offers come from various types of sites.

ysense offer to make money

(4) Complete the task to make money (Task)

Another way to make money is to complete tasks. Click the "task" button, you can complete various tasks provided by CrowdFlower to make money, increase some extra income, and there is no limit to the number of tasks.

How to expandySense (Clixsense)income

If you want to increase your income, there are roughly the following methods:

(1) Improve the profile

This is when you first registered,Perfect your profileIn this way, opportunities for various investigation tasks will increase.

(2) Daily rewards

Just complete the following tasks, thisDaily Checklist BonusCan increase income by 16%:

  1. Complete at least 10 Figure Eight Tasks; or
  2. Complete at least 2 offers or surveys; or
  3. Complete at least 5 Figure Eight Tasks and at least 1 offer or survey

(3) Referral rewards

Another recommends others to join ySense to make money.

• Recommend an active user, reward $0.10-$0.30.

• After the recommended user earns $5, in addition to the commission (20%) and bonus, there is also a $2 reward.

Ysense recommends no requirements, of course you haveOwn websiteIf it is, it's better. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have it, you can share it via email, WeChat, Facebook and other social accounts.

(4) Install the browser extension -ySenseAddon

In order to facilitate users to make money, ySense provides three browser extensions (IE, Firefox and Google). After installation, the income will increase by 2%. In addition, you will be notified of various surveys and tasks in time, as shown in the following figure:

Investigating money-making websites abroad

Other methods, after registering, checkySense forum page, There are its official instructions, and a large number of ysense users exchanges. If you have any tips and methods, you can also post them here, and there will be rewards.

ySense (Clixsense)How to withdraw

Originally, Clixsense did not use PayPal as a cash withdrawal payment tool. Now that it is renamed ySense, there are various payment methods. In addition to paypal, Payoneer, etc., there are also the following methods:

ySense (Clixsense)Is making money a scam-reliability

Clixsense is currently a well-known and reliable advertising affiliate site. It is easy to make money. You can experience it immediately after registering. Your account may show the amount of dollars earned, and the withdrawal standard is very low.

ySense (Clixsense)shortcoming

  • Clixsense cannot guarantee that the advertisements displayed are all formal and mixed. If you want to join the items introduced in the advertisement, you need to screen and judge by yourself (How to identify foreign network scam)
  • The number of advertisements per day is not unlimited. Most survey tasks are regional (for specific countries or regions). In general, Western countries are larger than Eastern countries.
  • The number and content of the survey are allocated according to your profile and country. If you want to have more tasks, you need to improve your profile.

ySense Advertising Network


Convenience of operation


Earning Index


Time to make money



  • Many surveys and high unit price
  • Convenient withdrawal and cash withdrawal
  • Rich ways to make money


  • Investigating money-making tasks is different from country to country

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