Grammarly Guide-The most Powerful English Writing/Proofing/Grammar Checking Tool

How can Chinese or other people who use English as a second language ensure that their English writing is error-free and easy to read?

English spelling errors and grammatical errors can be embarrassing, and sometimes these errors can even reduce the credibility of the article ( For example, the English description of products with many errors). Two years ago, I accidentally discovered Grammarly, a grammar check tool for proofreading articles, book chapters, and blog posts. It is excellent, and the key is that the free function is also very good.

What is Grammarly

Grammarly-The best free English writing, proofreading, grammar and plagiarism check tool

Grammarly is the most commonly used and accurate English grammar checker, spelling, proofreading check, and plagiarism detection software tool. Grammarly proofreads over 250 grammar rules, which were released in 2009. And no matter what method is used to write-social media, email, Microsoft Word, etc., Grammarly can provide real-time checking of the entire English writing process.

For spelling and grammatical errors, Grammarly Highlight ( red and yellow ) and underline them, and then hover the mouse on the specified word or phrase, you can directly modify the error or understand the detailed description of the error.

Grammarly uses its own algorithm to mark various potential problems in the text, and at the same time provides automatic correction suggestions for various errors based on the context. Its artificial intelligence effectively improves text communication.

In addition to checking for contextual spelling errors and irregular verb errors, it also includes common grammatical errors, such as the use of subject verbs and the placement of modifiers. At the same time, Grammarly also provides synonym suggestions to make writing more readable and precise. Grammarly allows us to write in English with confidence.

Currently, more than 10 million global users are using this tool to repair their social media posts, emails, and articles. In addition, it also increases English vocabulary by identifying and correcting contextual errors. This tool helps to improve writing style and make the written text more attractive and effective.

What can Grammarly do

Grammarly, as an English writing tool, can help you check the following types of writing problems:

1. Check English Grammar

The most important function of Grammarly is to check English grammar, for example, irregular verb errors, and common grammatical errors: the application of the subject, predicate, correct verb tense, position of modifiers, etc. Grammarly also provides synonym suggestions to make writing more readable and precise.

Grammarly checks for English grammar errors
Grammarly checks for English grammar errors

2. Check Spelling Errors

Spelling errors are the most common and basic problem for writers. Regardless of your English writing level, this error is the least likely to occur. In this regard, Grammarly is a powerful spell check tool that is more comprehensive than the built-in spell check in Microsoft Word.

Grammarly checks for spelling errors in English words
Grammarly checks for spelling errors in English words

3. Check English Content Plagiarism

Plagiarism is a common problem. No one wants their hard work to become the result of others' unearned work. Grammarly's Plagiarism check function is also very good. It can compare the text with billions of pages on the Internet. This has two aspects: whether someone has copied your content; whether your writing is copied from others.

grammarly plagiarism check function
grammarly plagiarism check function

4. Check English Writing Style

Grammarly will also check the article for any errors in the writing style, including the use of passive tense, which helps to avoid the repetition and length of words and sentences so that you can adjust your English writing style according to your audience.

Grammarly checks on English writing style
Grammarly checks on English writing style

5. Check Sentence Structure

Almost all non-native English speakers like us, when writing in English, is difficult to form a correct English sentence structure because of the differences in the Chinese and English and even the thinking mode. Although sometimes others can roughly understand what you are trying to say, the sentence structure and grammar are wrong, which will be very imprecise. Grammarly can effectively solve this problem.

Grammarly checks for structural errors in English sentences
Grammarly checks for structural errors in English sentences

6. Check Punctuation

Grammarly helps you give the correct punctuation in the perfect place, so that the article looks professional to the reader.

Grammarly checks for structural errors in English sentences
Grammarly checks for structural errors in English sentences

As shown in the picture above, Grammarly can quickly detect missing and unnecessary commas. Punctuation may not be important for regular blogs, but it is essential for students who write reports and essays and submit projects to teachers for evaluation.

The above function is the English writing step, the last step necessary for proofreading.

Grammarly features

From a personal point of view, Grammarly's various functions have the following four characteristics:

1. Easy to Use

Some people may feel a little complicated when they hear about "software", but Grammarly is very easy to use and intuitive (see the user guide below), and automatically displays various errors in English. Compared with similar English grammar checking and collaboration tools (such as ProWritingAid, Ginger, etc.), Grammarly is the easiest to use.

2. Accuracy

After talking for a long time, the accuracy of various tools is the key. If some errors cannot be checked, then even the checked errors are meaningless, and there is no difference compared with manual proofreading.

I think that for the above functions: the accuracy of checking for errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, and sentence structure is 100%, you canFree testVarious English documents and articles.

So which aspect is not completely accurate?

It is the writing style of English (writing style). The reason for this problem, my personal opinion is: if there are too many words, such as a book, all contents cannot be checked by Grammarly at the same time, because there are limitations on file size and number of words, this is also easy to understand, this requires manual proofreading. Check for yourself to see if the words used in the context are consistent.

3. Easy to understand the error correction explanation given by Grammarly

Grammarly can not only point out your English writing mistakes, but also explain them below. This will help you understand the reasons for making mistakes and improve your English learning and writing skills. The explanation is very clear.

For example, Grammarly will prompt whether to overuse certain words, where to place punctuation best, and so on. It's like an English teacher sitting next to you, correcting, explaining and helping you at any time.

4. Personalization

Personalizing and customizing Grammarly will be very convenient to use in the future. In addition to defining the preferred language, one of the most valuable aspects of this feature is:

You can add frequently used new words to the dictionary, such as brand names, slang or abbreviations, etc., especially for uncommon terms, so that next time Grammarly will no longer prompt as an error, it will be your own custom English dictionary. , This feature is very useful.

If these words appear for the first time, there is no need to fix or ignore these errors. Just hover the mouse over the word and click "add to dictionary" in the pop-up box, as shown in the following screenshot:

Grammarly adds new words function demo

Grammarly can choose American or British English, and can choose the type of writing. This is very useful because you will use different styles when writing for different audiences.

Grammarly usage guide

Someone may ask: Do I have to copy and paste everything written into the text box to check the writing content?

Because that would be a little troublesome, don’t need to. Grammarly is an Internet-based tool. As long as your computer is connected to the Internet, use one of the following simple methods:

1. Use directly on the Grammarly website

(1) Click New to generate a new page

Copy and paste the written content directly into the Grammarly website tool.

Very simple, after entering your Grammary Account, click the NEW button, as shown below:

(Note: The prerequisite for using Grammarly is-whether it is free or paid, it mustregister, It cannot be used without registration. )

An empty package page will appear, copy the text here, as shown in the figure below:

After copying the text to the page and keeping it for a few seconds, the Grammarly tool will begin to analyze the text content.

(2) Click upload to upload the file

You can also upload documents through the dashboard to achieve the same effect. Click upload, select a document (such as a Word document) from the computer, Grammarly will analyze the content in the same way, and the result is the same as the above method.

2. Desktop app

If you like to check English writing through a desktop application, there is no problem, provided that the operating system is Windows or MacOS. at thispageDownload this app and follow the instructions to install and use it. The tool is the same as the online version.

3. Use in Microsoft Word

The Grammarly add-in can be used directly in Microsoft Word.hereVisit the add-on page and follow the instructionsAdd it to Word. After it is up and running, Grammarly will automatically load and check the writing content when you are writing in the word document in English.

4. Grammarly Chrome Extension

One of the easiest ways to use Grammarly is to use the Chrome extension, which is directly inGrammarly homepage installationThat’s it, you don’t need to search in google extension to open it again

Install Grammarly Chrome extension
Grammarly Chrome extension

Some people say that the extension is unavailable

It’s very simple, it’s because you don’t haveLog in to your grammarly account, If you are not logged in, open the grmmarly extension in the chrome browser, the following conditions will appear:

Grammarly Chrome extension app

After installing and logging in, open the extension, you can choose 4 English stle (American, Australian, British, Canadian), then you can edit English text on any website, Grammarly can effectively check the grammar, as shown in the figure below:

How to use Grammarly Chrome extension

Can Grammarly be used in Microsoft Office software?

no problem.

Grammary offers and discount prices

Grammarly is free to use. Of course, you can also upgrade to a paid user according to your needs. There are two types of plans:

grammarly offers and discount prices
  • Premium price: $8.25/month
  • Pro price: $11.66/month

Grammarly disadvantages

I think the biggest disadvantage of Grammarly is the difference between the free and paid version. Free functions are limited, which is completely understandable. After all, it is commercial software and must be profitable.

But in my personal experience, its free function is very good, automatic check, very easy. If the free version does not meet the requirements, I will gather all the English articles together, buy it for a month, and solve them all. After the expiration date, I will continue to use its free functions. This varies from person to person.

Grammarly free and paid difference
Grammarly free and paid difference

Moreover, Grammarly has been improving. For example, Grammarly could not be applied to Google Docs before, which was a big flaw. Now there is no problem.

Grammarly usage restrictions

1. Limits on the number of devices

Grammarly members are allowed to use up to 5 devices

2. File restrictions

In any 30-day period, you can check up to 300 documents or 150,000 words. In any 24 hours, you can check up to 100 documents or 50,000 words.

3. Page restrictions

When using Grammarly Editor on the grammarly website, you can check up to 100,000 characters, including spaces. However, using Grammarly in Microsoft Word and Outlook is not subject to this restriction.

4. Upload restrictions

If inGrammarly URLIf used, upload files less than 100 kb or 100,000 characters (including spaces) each time. The following upload document types are supported: MS Word (.doc, .docx), OpenOffice (.odt), txt and .rtf. If it is a very large document, upload it in separate batches.

Grammarly Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Grammarly be used in Microsoft Office software?

no problem.

2. What kind of person or group is suitable for use:

Millions of writers around the world trust Grammarly's products, which are also licensed by more than 600 top universities and companies. Grammarly helps students achieve academic goals and improve their writing skills in essays, reports, theses, dissertations, and college admissions applications. Professionals use Grammarly to provide expert help and instant feedback on the accuracy, influence and credibility of English writing in various fields such as law, healthcare, academic, marketing, engineering, and journalism. For job seekers, foreign students and English learners, and non-native English professionals, grammar can be an equally powerful tool.

3. Can Grammary replace manual proofreading?

As mentioned earlier, Grammarly is also very accurate in checking. However, if your writing requirements are very high, such as English novels and advanced academic papers, Grammarly's background and in-depth understanding is definitely not as good as manual proofreading. However, after using Grammarly to check this kind of English content, manual proofreading work in this area will greatly save manpower.

4. grammarly refund

As far as I know, Grammarly originally supported refunds within ten days, but the current policy should not support refunds.

5. What is Grammarly Premium?

Grammarly Premium is a paid upgrade that provides more than 400 types of inspections and functions. It checks for grammatical errors, provides vocabulary enhancement suggestions, detects plagiarism, and provides citation suggestions.

6. Can I use Grammarly on my mobile phone?

No problem, Grammarly can be installed and used on iPhone and Android platforms.

7. Grammarly is used by people from non-English speaking countries

Grammarly is widely used in various countries, with more than 10 million users. From the statistics below, it can be seen that, except for the country of origin, India is the most used country (many Indian websites in English, no matter from which point of view , Including the language is quite professional, it is impossible to see that it is made by people in non-English speaking countries, but it is better not to watch their youtube video, I can’t understand it).

Again, it is China. It can be seen that apart from the United States, India and China are the most common countries to use Grammarly. It is not the United States, but India. This proves that Grammarly is very helpful for non-English Writers.

8. About Grammary cracked version

Grammarly can only be used correctly if it is connected to the Internet.

Back then, I was proud and happy to use various cracked versions. I am very interested in all kinds of cracking software and games. As long as I find which one is better, I will do everything possible to find the cracked version. It feels very fulfilling to use it, and "saves another sum of money."

Now, I started to make websites and study myself, and gradually I have this concept of respecting the knowledge and labor of others. In addition to this, there is another important issue. Many software and websites have taken this factor into consideration, and there are also many countermeasures. For things like this, the cracked version of the application is sporadic and will lose many functions, and the gain is not worth the loss.

9. GRAMMARLY compatibility and integration

Microsoft products, firefox, Github, LinkedIn and the following can be seamlessly connected with Grammarly:

Grammarly is compatible with various products
Grammarly is compatible with various products

How to cancel Grammarly automatic renewal

  1. Log in to yourGrammarly Premium account
  2. Click on the leftAccountButton
  3. Then click on the leftSubscriptionButton
  4. Then click at the bottom of the page Cancel Subscription , And then confirm


Free and paid $8.25/month

English grammar check


Check for spelling errors in Chinese words


Sentence structure check


English writing style check


English content plagiarism check



  • Similar grammar tools are the best
  • Fast and accurate
  • Simple to use
  • Applicable to PC/Mac/Mobile


  • Free features are limited

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    • In fact, the number of Chinese blogs is not too small now. The effect you mentioned, my understanding is: the effect of making money on Chinese websites, does that mean?
      Many people on the Internet say that Chinese websites are much less profitable than English websites. This question depends on how you want to look at it.
      Generally speaking, making money has little to do with language, but is closely related to website content quality, logic, user experience, and website audiences. The latter is closely related to the promotion products selected by the website. Simple modelling can also be used They see it as the same thing, so from our own point of view, simply compare English and Chinese websites:
      Advantages of the Chinese website: The audience is huge, with a wide range, all over the world. As a niche website, even if it can attract a very small proportion of the audience, the absolute value of that number is still a lot. Chinese is our mother tongue. We understand our own language, culture, and the hobbies and needs of our compatriots, making the website relatively simple and easy. Moreover, Chinese websites, especially in terms of content creation and SEO, are immature, and there is a high possibility that new websites will stand out. In this regard, there are a large number and may not be highly competitive. For example, most students have scores below 50, and you scored 55. Although you failed the test, your ranking is very high and very high, which brings great opportunities to your website.
      Disadvantages: Although the audience is large, our online consumption is not very mature compared to the West. In this regard, the online market is not very complete and developed. Here, let alone, everyone is shopping on Taobao and Jingdong. That is because Received restrictions, there is no comparison, you can't see it. This is why you see many foreign websites targeting their Chinese customers in Chinese regions such as Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Malaysia (except North America). How many Chinese are there in these places? But their inernet marketing is developed.

      Take a look at the advantages of the English website:
      Needless to say, there are big differences in audience groups, consumption habits, purchasing power, etc. Before they buy, they are used to making various online comparisons. This is one of the important reasons for the prosperity of niche websites. Then there are too many products, there is a lot of room for promotion, and there are many other advantages.
      For us, the most important shortcoming is the language problem. If you can't say something or something in your native language, don't involve writing in English. This question is not a simple translation. Many translators feel that there is no barrier in their language, and when they translate Chinese, they feel that everything is going well, but it is actually useless. I have seen a lot of English websites made by Chinese people like this. I took a quick look. Yes, I read it carefully. In fact, I found that there is no actual content at all. Your personal thoughts are written by you, not by others, so you need to have independent thinking to analyze. What's more, the English inernet marketing is extremely mature, there are a large number of experts in each niche direction, and the competition is very high. But it’s not impossible. Apart from language, one must also understand the other’s thinking style, living habits, culture, etc. For real website writing in English, I suggest that you do a Chinese website first, you can make things clear, and create this kind of thinking process in English instead of translating your website.
      Even if you are a Chinese station, you must understand and learn a lot of English resources. Many domestic lecturers, most of the things they talk about and the tools they use, are foreign. However, if they are localized or localized in certain aspects, then why don't you get in touch with the original resources? This opens up a lot of vision.
      I have met too many people, vowed and confident in English, but most of them give up within 3 months, except for the online shop model.
      In addition, I have generally read the following on your website, and there are at least two problems:
      1. The navigation is not clear.
      In fact, you have already created some pages, but you have to turn the pages to find them. You can’t see related categories and links on the homepage, which leads to a bad user experience. Even if the content is good, you don’t have the patience to look for it. One of the purposes of Google search ranking is to have a better user experience, which is also SEO. As mentioned above, although you ranked first with 55 points, it is not because you did well, but because your competitors did poorly, you got the ranking.
      2. The title of the article is mixed in Chinese and English
      One of your pages has two complete titles, one in Chinese and one in English. What is your purpose? Chinese is Chinese and English is English. Although the title of the article in this blog is mixed in Chinese and English, the whole is in Chinese, which is for Chinese users.
      The above are my personal opinions and understandings. Whether it is correct or not, everyone judges it, mainly in the hope that it can arouse your thinking.


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