Can novices with poor English run foreign alliances like Wealthy Affiliate?

Many people asked me, I don’t have good English and I don’t have any foundation in this area, so can I run a foreign alliance project? My point is that language and foundation are not the key issue, the key is your attitude. I used to be a little white in the middle school English foundation, but I have always insisted on self-study in the practice of affiliate marketing.

Many people have said that I can’t, because my English is not good, I don’t understand, and I don’t understand.

Let's reason backward: if this language problem is true, what should happen?

So, Americans have good English and are their mother tongue, so there should be no problem? So there should be no barriers for every American to make money online? In many places, I have seen a lot of questions asked by the United States, and nothing else, as for the questions asked by the members of these English-speaking countries in WA, many of them don’t know anything about it. Even if they are answered, they are like a The same as mental retardation.

Well, there are also Chinese English translators who have joined WA. There is no language barrier, and they can’t understand or understand.

So let me ask you again, you are Chinese, so you should know almost all Chinese characters, but if you connect some Chinese characters together, you may know all the characters, but you dare to say what you can understand? Here, can you understand a Chinese book on machinery, accounting, medicine or literature?

I also sent a long private message to his overseas members of WA, but I feel that my understanding is limited. So Kyle is their compatriot and expert, but some people still don't understand Kyle's text and video courses.


This is not a question of language, it is a question of knowledge background and comprehension ability, and then whether you are willing to research and be good at learning, so don't get entangled in the question of language.

Whether the website makes money has nothing to do with language-it has to do with your thinking, behavior, and good habits-my English learning experience

I started to study English by myself when I was around 30 years old, and I took the TOEFL and GRE tests. Back then, looking at the TOEFL article, about 90 out of 100 words did not know, let alone GRE. Memorizing vocabulary every day, dizzy, no appetite. And no matter how to memorize (actually I can’t talk about memorizing, just repeating it), there is always something I can’t remember. I put a big poster on the wall, and then I find a card for the words that I can’t remember. Write it down, post it on this picture, stand here and look at it when you have time, remember one, just tear off one, and gradually reduce it, just like this to solve this problem.

The TOEFL grammar correction part seems to be wrong one or two. In fact, I didn't understand any of those sentences, but I can still do it right (so I have to talk about the method). In the past few years, I have been exposed to WA, a lot of intensive learning, and there is no problem with listening to classes.

While learning English, I challenged my middle and long-distance running ability. I have never run more than 1500 meters. Take the breath. When I run, I extend 1-2 laps every week, so that it stabilizes at 10 laps, and then 12.5 laps (5000 meters). On a sunny afternoon, when I ran around 10 laps, I felt that I should challenge it, otherwise I am sorry for the good weather. I have been prolonged. At a few points such as 15 laps and 20 laps, I felt that I was about to approach the physical and psychological limits, but I could persist, reaching 10,000 meters for 25 laps, and I was able to sprint at the end. After the end, my pair of sneakers It was dead, and ended its mission, and then took the buddies to the small restaurant and asked for an elbow and 2 bottles of beer to treat myself. In the following years, I experienced some extreme challenges (not running), every time afterwards , You feel that all aspects will be greatly improved, and the limits and potential of people are huge. .

What I mean by this is that you will not be worse than my foundation. I want to serve as a negative teaching material here. Laodou can do it. If you can't do it, you are just making excuses.

I am also a little white-just a little white who has been learning

I came from a newbie, and I fully understand the confusion and difficulty of the young people. Most of the readers of this blog are young people, and most of the people who contact me are young people (from my blog background statistics, you can also see most of them) Readers are young people).

google analytics demographic statistics
Old bean blog visitor age distribution-from google analytics

I think there are two main tasks at this age: reading and studying. "Civilized its spirit and barbaric physique", this is the motto of Mao Zedong's youth. We may not be great people. Even as ordinary people, we must have a relatively high goal (When you onto the moon even if you don't, you also will fall among the stars). Reading can increase your cognitive depth, and exercise can challenge your limits. In fact, this itself is the fundamental way to make money.

I have read a lot of books before (and now I have time to read some more), the types are messy, history, geography, politics, military, biographies, science and technology, literature, ancient literature, religion (The Bible: Those who learn English should go Reading the Bible, whether you are a Christian or not, you should read it. It’s like a cow, and then eat it. After the experience of time and life, let these content slowly ruminate. (These books only do not have economics and art. The former is because they are not interested in the economy, and the latter is because they don’t understand, they don’t have any artistic cells and talents)

I started to read through Mao Zedong's anthologies around the age of 20 (no one is forcing me, I just want to read it. If you want to see it, it is recommended to read the classic volumes 1-4, the fifth volume does not need to be read, the style and content are very different), part of it I have read the article several times. Put the political content aside first, just talk about the article, it is very characteristic, let the readers look at the problem from a very high height (majestic), have a strong generalization and analysis of things and problems, and the logical argument is very rigorous and language Lively, regular reading will develop your ability to analyze and summarize, as well as some philosophical qualities. At that time, Mao Zedong was with the American journalist Edgar Snow (Red Star Over China-Red Star Over ChinaAuthor of this book, also known asWestward JourneyWhen I was in junior high school, I imitated the style and wrote a short biography of Edgar Snow in the exercise book.) During the exchange, I asked, do you know how I live to this day? Snow asked, what do you rely on? Mao said, relying on summing up experience and lessons.

Have you been learning and summing up your experience and lessons? Your depth of cognition can determine how far you can go.

The essence of Affiliate Marketing

Many people have no idea about affiliate marketing making money, and they don't understand or understand. There are other important factors or spirits.

affiliate marketing makes money, Is to make money by sharing, you make money because you help others, isreality,YesMake money on credit. Your website makes money because of your credit and everyone's trust in you. Therefore, one of the purposes of website construction is to establish a trust relationship with your audience, but do not abuse this trust.

Many domestic colleagues often introduce foreign affiliate marketing methods and techniques for making money, but if you carefully study their website and what they have said, you will find that what they emphasize is this, and these ideas are reflected on their website. If you just imitate the website and learn the skills, you will never reach that height, nor will it last.

A European member of WA (can't remember who it is), he introduced himself in the profile. This person is a technologist. He used to use the so-called black hat technology to make a lot of money. Later, he couldn’t make money anymore. Now he wants to be a man again and decent money. Seeing this, I think of a previous TV show, a master who is very good at gambling, was later discovered, and then had his two legs cut off. Now this person is talking about his own experience everywhere, persuading those gamblers to stay away from the casino. Of course, this is not the case, but the truth is the same, if you want to go far and take a long time, don't engage in those things.

Nowadays, the Chinese version of WA courses is sold online, and I feel sad about this. Doing so is an infringement of WA and a great disrespect for the intellectual/knowledge achievements of others. In addition, what I want to say is:

This kind of thing doesn't help you much, why?

First of all, have you compared the values of the two?

A full set of WA (course plus all tools, only about RMB 2,000 per year, covering everything needed for affiliate marketing), in addition to the price, it is still unknown whether the Chinese version is right or wrong.

Learning methods and skills are important, but they are not the most important. The most important thing is to understand the principles, understand the detours that others have gone through, and gain experience. I have been in WA for many years. Except for the first few months of intensive learning, I didn’t have time to read many courses. I spent the rest of the time studying according to WA’s methods. Sometimes I encountered difficulties and looked up WA-related courses. Look at the new development direction. On the other hand, verify some of the things I have summarized. Some courses are the same as what I have summarized.

(When watching course videos, I often encounter this situation. After watching for 10 minutes, I suddenly got some inspiration. Then I followed this idea and clues. I summarized a set of how to use the keyword tool Jaaxy+ to mine high Value niches and products, and how to apply them to Chinese websites, there is no precedent for others to talk about this issue in this regard).

For newcomers, the first question to think about is: Is this kind of online money making real or not? The second question that comes up is, when can I make money? How much can I earn (many people also ask me this question, which is also a question I asked others at the beginning), the experience of successful people can solve our confusion.

When Kyle, Jay and others are explaining the course, they will say some digressions. Although it is not a specific technique, I think it has benefited a lot. This cannot be translated into Chinese. Kyle was talking about his 14-year affiliate marketing experience (I saw it last year, I remember it should be this lesson). He said that he wrote a lot of articles and didn’t make any money. He was very frustrated. Later about a few months later, he was slow. Slowly enter the account, etc. These words have also greatly strengthened my initial confidence. You will understand that all these great people are like us, Xiaobai have experienced this, and how to see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain.

Kyle experience/experience-Kyle's First Live Class, Learn From My Last 14 Years

  • What niche would I choose and why?
  • How would I build out the foundation of my business?
  • Where would I go to ask for help? And from who?
  • What sort of programs would I promote, and how could I maximize income?
  • At what point do I know if I am onto something good?
  • Where do I get frustrated, how do I deal with it?

In fact, someone asked me if I have to finish learning to start making money. No need, because you can't finish learning. Grasp the core, focus and order to learn (seeQuickly understand WA structureRelated content), I also wrote an articleUse WA to make money while learning, This is a way of thinking and thinking, you can completely change this topic to "Use #### to make money while learning", the reason is the same, so Kyle’show to become an expert in any nicheIt explains the specific investigation and research methods, I don't know if you can understand it deeply.

Study Suggestion

Do not automatically Chineseize navigation and content such as WA accounts and wordpress website backends into Chinese, and be used to reading in English. In addition to this factor, when you see related articles or go to search, you will know or get used to this keyword. It is clear at a glance that this Chineseization will lose a lot of information.

Some friends asked me if I could add subtitles to the video course in WA. I also contacted Kyle and other senior members. They all said that WA has too much content and updates too quickly, and the corresponding workload is also heavy. My feeling is, don’t watch these videos with subtitles, and get used to using hearing instead of sight to get information. There will be dependence and you will never be able to practice listening. What's more, when you hear words and sentences, don't go through the brain's Chinese translation process. English is English. You can follow them silently. After a long time, you will get used to it.

Online and Offline Thinking

The alliance we are talking about makes money, and most people think it is online business. This understanding is quite one-sided. The Internet is only a reflection of reality (mirror), but it also has characteristics that the real world does not have, and has its own rules of operation. What I want to say is that many ideas are actually derived from offline-offline life and work experience and thinking .

This is why I recommend reading and exercising more. Many of my ideas were obtained during exercise. At that time, my thinking was the most active, so I said, "Kung Fu is outside the boxing". Experience and figure it out.

Regarding this offline thinking, Jay also talked about his experience in this aspect in some live tutorials, or a lot of ideas about niche.

Do It Now

All the preparations you do now may not make money right away, but these things will definitely be integrated in the future, and they will be the stepping stone for your future success. What you experience is more than just making money online.

Be brave to contact these English resources, really learn and research, otherwise you will always be in a state of endless keyword search:

  • how to make money online?
  • How to make money online?
  • What exactly can make money?
  • How can I make money?
  • ……

Then you keep paying all kinds of tuition fees, and finally you consume your money and time, and nothing can be done. What you need: live in the presentCHOICE and ACTION

It’s not a system, but I just want to show that Xiaobai is not terrible, not bad English is not terrible, but whether you can face all this bravely and challenge yourself.

Note: The content of my website has been copied in large numbers, and even the entire site has been copied. At present, I have successively submitted these infringing URLs to Google. Google has gradually approved the deletion request and deleted them from the Google search results (will not appear in Google Among the search results), that is to say, these pages/URLs have never been used to make money from Google search rankings.

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  1. Haha, after seeing Laodou's experience, I feel like it is around 30. I started to exercise and run at the beginning of this year. From running 1km and being out of breath to running 10km perseveringly, it is not only exercise but also a kind of mental tempering.
    The goal is half marathon, and now other strength training is also added.

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