1 minute WordPress quick site construction specific process-Siterubix articles

WordPress quick site construction

This article describes how to usesiterubixThe specific steps for building a wordpress website, whether it is a Chinese or English website, are extremely simple. It takes 4 steps and takes less than 1 minute. In addition to the above advantages:

  1. Free users can build 2 websites for free (at least one of them can be used as a test site to test plug-ins, links, various projects, etc.)
  2. The platform does not need to install wordpress (already installed in advance), just simply set it up.

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Why Siterubix is the best WordPress website construction platform

At present, there are a lot of wordpress platform and software on the Internet, free of charge and so on. There are many excellent platforms, such asweebly, wix, squarespace and wordpress.com, but why is it said that the siterubix platform is the best? What are its outstanding features?

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