English Keyword Tool-Detailed Explanation of Jaaxy Tutorial

Jaaxy English Keyword Tool provides the three most important factors of keywords: search volume, traffic, competition, domain name search queries and additional services for website keyword search rankings.

The role of English keyword research in English websites is self-evident. Among the many English keyword tools, what should we choose? Let me introduce a comparative English keyword tool with unique value-Jaaxy. (Jaaxy has now been upgraded,check the details)

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Use English keyword tool to find and extract Chinese keywords

The position and role of keywords in website optimization are becoming more and more important, and they play a key role in the substantial increase of website target traffic. Whether it is a Chinese or English website, how to extract keywords is a very important task.

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Several Techniques for Searching English Keywords by Google Alphabet Soup Technology

Still racking your brains to think about how to find the most valuable English keywords? Today I will introduce a few techniques on how to use Google Alphabet Soup technology to search for English keywords.

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You should know the three key factors in English keyword optimization SEO

The core of this article is to teach you to knowThree key factors in English keyword optimization SEO. If you stay in the English network marketing circle for a long time, you will know the importance of choosing the correct English keywords for your website and article ranking on search engines. But, having said that, most people don’t really know how to choose English keywords. When you open an article you find, most of them are a list of keywords. At first glance, they are written for search engines, not for readers. . This method is not very complicated, just a little research, but the premise is to have a really effective English keyword tool.

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