Can users in Mainland China and Hong Kong visit websites made with wix?

As a truly "what you see is what you get" powerfulWebsite production platform WixThe Internet is popular all over the world, but can domestic users access websites made with this tool? Many people are concerned about this issue.

The Wix official website has given a clear answer:

Access to mainland and Hong Kong users is restricted

Can Chinese users access websites made with wix

The meaning is clear:

It is because of the great firewall that users in mainland China and Hong Kong cannot access it, but there is no problem except in other regions. That is to say: if your target audience is for international users instead of domestic users, this does not matter.

In addition, I found some problems with the price of wix:

WIX charging problem

If you are registered in China, sometimes the displayed RMB price greatly exceeds his standard USD price, as shown in the figure below:

Wix RMB charging price

Take unlimited plan as an example to see how much RMB is:

1 year unlimited plan RMB fee

The price of RMB for 1 year is 633*12=7596 yuan

Let's take a look at his standard US dollar price is this, as shown in the figure below:

wix USD price

Also take the unlimited plan as an example to see how much the dollar is:

1 year unlimited plan USD fee

The price in USD for 1 year is 6.25*12=75 USD, equivalent to RMB 480

But after refreshing the webpage, most of the plans are displayed in US dollars. Because wix is okFree registration and website creationIf you need to upgrade your plan, it is more convenient to consult within your wix account. In addition, there is a layer of protection: all premium plans have an unconditional refund within 14 days.

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