Looking at the development trend of the niche market in 2021 from the hottest affiliate marketing products in 2020

The current COVID-19 pandemic has changed the entire world, and this is true. Because of the characteristics of the epidemic, at least in terms of behavior, people all over the world have reduced going out and gathering, and this has also affected various business areas. The field of affiliate marketing is no exception. However, affiliate marketing does the opposite. At present, especially in North America, this business model is insteadParticularly active.

However, whether you are a novice in the affiliate marketing/business world or a veteran who wants to add a new source of income, choosing the right membership product and plan is a very important factor for success.

From last year's affiliate marketing, the best-selling member products can see this trend and change, and can also judge this year's popular products and niche markets based on this.

The hottest affiliate marketing niche products

BI Intelligence reportSaid: "Affiliate marketing is one of the four major sources of e-commerce orders, surpassing social commerce and display advertising."

One of the advantages of affiliate marketing is that you can expand your product list without putting in a lot of effort, because there are too many affiliate programs, and on this basis, there are countless affiliate marketing products.

However, if the strengths are not well mastered, they may turn into weaknesses to a certain extent. There are too many products to choose carefully. Don't let some unimportant products or products that deviate too far from your niche market and put them in the store, making them nondescript, and selling them badly.

Don't just look at the affiliate marketing products involved in this article from a domestic perspective. This is the global promotion point of view for niche websites.

This is also the 30 hottest affiliate marketing niche products under the new crown epidemic situation

1. Virtual Reality (virtual reality products)

Virtual reality products are not only inferior to the market, but also beginning to become popular. With the development of VR technology, VR product/service companies are getting more and more attention from the public. 2020 is considered a breakthrough year.

2. Drones

UAV products and the market are beginning to become popular. Today, drones are used not only for entertainment, but also for commercial purposes including photography. For military fans, in the war between Armenia and Azerbaijan last year, drones made the limelight and captured people's attention. Of course, that drone is very different from the drone mentioned here, but the term drone spread rapidly due to this incident.

DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0 professional 4K drone
DJI Phantom 4 Pro V2.0
Professional 4K drone

3. 3D Printer

There have been news of various 3D printers over the years, but it seemed that it was still in the scientific research stage, and the scope of application and influence was not large, but with the greatly reduced cost, such products have entered ordinary households. Now, anyone can own a portable 3D printer.

3D printers are widely used and recognized in many fields. We should fully understand this emerging trend and don't miss this very potential niche market.

Reference page: PCmag (U.S.-Computer Magazine)Best 3D Printer Products of 2021Contrast, and its sales store.

4. Phone Accessories

The mobile phone accessories products and markets mentioned here are not cheap hands-free and plastic mobile phone cases. With the continuous launch of various mid-to-high-end brand mobile phones, the mobile phone accessories market is still very hot. For example, mobile phone cases that support LEDs, wireless earplugs, and Bluetooth products.

5. Portable LED Projectors

The days of using large projectors are now a thing of the past. Nowadays, portable LED projectors that can be installed anywhere are popular, and the price is very cheap (the related products include lenses, brackets and bags).

6. Home Automation

With some important technological innovations, the home automation industry has made considerable progress in recent years, such as smart speakers, smart TVs, and smart hubs for smart homes. Moreover, these products have strong consumers and fans, which directly brings huge profits to affiliate network marketers.

Remark: The keyword Home Automation is also a lucrative niche keyword. If you want to focus on thisNiche StationIf you can usejaaxyDo further analysis and research with Google.

Smart home concept

7. Security & Surveillance Systems

In the current situation, various security requirements may come first. With the current uncertainty and declining safety, the demand for safety and surveillance equipment is on the rise. A large amount of product demand has brought a hot market, and it will become hotter and hotter.

Now, home buying and installing such equipment is becoming a trend. For example, families that hire babysitters to look after the elderly and children have seen a significant increase in the purchase ratio. For marketers in the safety and security industry, this is a lucrative opportunity.

Security and surveillance system products

8. Hoverboards (hoverboard & self-balancing electric scooter)

Hoverboard-self-balancing electric scooters have many fans all over the world, and they are very popular. Moreover, this product is gradually accepted and popular by the Chinese people, and it has an advantage in price to occupy the market.

9. Wearable Devices

In recent years, wearable devices have become mainstream. A popular niche market in wearable devices is health devices. This device allows the wearer to monitor the health status in real time, reducing the hassle of going to the hospital for examination. For affiliates, this can be regarded as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to make money. Because, in addition to the potentially huge market, the commission is also very good.Apple WatchIt is a typical product of this type of niche.

Wearable devices that monitor health indicators
Wearable devices that monitor health indicators

10. Website Hosting Services

It can be said that the niche of website hosting is a green niche, that is, a permanent niche, which is basically out of date. Because no matter what business you are engaged in online: Internet marketing, online stores, cross-border e-commerce, and even personal blogs, etc., they are inseparable from the website as a carrier. To build a website, you must need a host. There are many types of hosting. The promotion of hosting services is a stable niche market direction, which is not difficult to understand.

Reference article:10 best wordpress hosts

11. Gym Equipment

People are becoming more aware of their self-image, which is why the fitness lifestyle has become a popular trend. Fitness enthusiasts can join the gym or purchase gym equipment so that they can continue to exercise even in their daily life environment.

Due to the high demand for fitness equipment by fitness enthusiasts, it has become a member product with a good price/performance ratio.

Fitness membership products

12. Travel & Tourism

The niche market of tourism is extremely valuable, enduring, and it is also an evergreen niche. Moreover, this niche can continue to be split or combined with other niche keywords to form numerousHigh-value sub-niche market, Such as travel + hotel, travel + location, travel + country, even travel + time, etc., there are too many markets and products that can operate.

This idea of making money is actually very simple. Make a website and share your travel experience, if it involves certain products, as mentioned in this articleTourist backpack, Hotel accommodation, airline ticket discounts, etc. are very good products for members to make money, and such niches can attract a large number of audiences.

Learn about the top CPS leagueTravelPayouts and the likeThe travel membership plan and so on, can all come to this conclusion.

Traveling to the Mutianyu Great Wall in Beijing
Beijing Mutianyu Great Wall Tour

13. Fashion

Fashion products such as shapewear, sportswear, casual wear, etc. are members' products with very good returns. Regardless of the age group of men and women, there are quite a few groups of people catching up with the trend. There are these people in all ages. It's just that the fashion standards are different, but this behavior has always existed. Moreover, fashion trends reach their peaks with changes in seasons, culture and celebrity endorsements, which is why the demand for fashion products is still strong and enduring.

Moreover, some top fashion websites also provide such promotion plans for members to apply to join and promote to make money, such asrewardstyle,nordstromZaful,shopstyle collective,newchicand many more.

Clothing products on famous fashion models
February 10th New York Fashion Week-Gigi Hadid (Gigi Hadid) walks the show at the Proenza Schouler fashion show

14. Jewelry

There are now many jewelry-related advertisements on social media. Products such as jewelry watches, engagement rings, necklaces, bracelets and piercings are very popular, and they are well-known on social media. There are many kinds of jewelry and the market demand is great, from casual bracelets to complex gems and gem designs, they are currently the best sellers among members' products.

American Amazon 18K Gold Moon Star Lion Evil Eye Pendant Necklace
One of the best jewelry products on Amazon:18k Gold Moon and Star Medal Pendant Necklace

15. Gaming

"Call of Duty" game screenshots
"Call of Duty" game screenshots

This is one of the favorite products of otaku and otaku during the epidemic. While tasting food and playing games, for some people, this is life in heaven.

Games have always been a very profitable niche market, and there are many types of game products. With the advent of cloud computing, games on the console now no longer require a physical CD to install and run games, all thanks toSaaSProducts, realize cloud purchase and install games.

For example, Nintendo’s Pokemon game series, even game cheating, etc., are all such niche products.

In addition, the demand for game console peripherals and auxiliary accessories (such as game controllers, handle pads, controller housings and customization) is also very marketable, and it is also the best product range for membership promotion.

I am also a game enthusiast. I like Call of Duty games for decades, and I don’t have time to play. Sometimes I also watch live broadcasts or videos of this game on Douyin. Sometimes just based on a few live barrage speeches, it can be seen that there are many fans, and they are very willing to spend a lot of money to buy the experience.

Reference article:Foreign game website

16. Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming Member Products

Some people plan to raisepetFor some people, one dog is not enough, and another one, or a cat. And according to psychological research, keeping pets can also reduce the chance of suffering from depression, so this is the reason why pets and their related markets are huge. For example, pet grooming equipment (such as rubber brushes and brushes, nail clippers, shampoos, conditioners and medical ointments) are in great demand. 

At present, keywords related to pets have become one of Google’s popular searches, and this provides a good opportunity for affiliate marketers to promote and sell these types of products. 

17. Subscription Boxes

Subscription Box Member Products
This is a sample picture of a food subscription box

Subscription Boxes refer to merchants putting some popular products and services in boxes and then handing them to customers. For example, a beauty company’s "care kit" box contains shampoo, conditioner, shaving supplies, etc., and then delivers it to the subscriber. These consumables last for about one month. If customers choose to subscribe, they will automatically receive new consumables, but customers need to pay monthly.

On the one hand, for consumer customers, the advantage is that they don’t have to worry about out of stock. Because there is no more, the merchant will automatically replenish the goods. On the other hand, for merchants, the advantage is that as long as they subscribe to the service, they will have a stable customer. 

So for affiliate marketing, promoting such businesses or products will have a stable commission income every month.

Note: For many domestic affiliates, it is estimated that there are not many products promoted by this kind of members, so you can pay more attention to it. This is a very good product and trend.

18. Coupons (coupons)

Using niche websites to promote various coupons and earning commissions has been a long-lasting way to make money from alliances for many years, and various demands are still hot. The advantage of this kind of membership niche website is that it is very, very profitable; the disadvantage is that it is time-consuming and troublesome. There are many forms of coupons: electronic coupons, paper coupons, and coupon codes.

Remarks: The method of promoting coupons is also very simple. Just add the coupon image or text to your affiliate link.

29. Baby Care

Amazon's mother care baby lotion products
American AmazonMother care baby lotion products

Not only baby products are hot-selling products in the niche market, such as strollers, baby toilets, pacifiers, aprons and baby clothes, care solutions, etc., but also related niche products or keywords are maternal and child products, because babies Naturally related to young mothers, the two are inseparable.

Remarks: For young parents in China, imported milk powder is also related to this membership product. The picture above isThe best-selling baby care solution on Amazon in the United StatesProduct screenshots.

20. Courses and Learning Material (digital courses and learning materials)

It can be said that this is the most profitable affiliate marketing product? why would you say so?

Because all fields and everything are derived from learning, including affiliate marketing discussed on this site. Only by understanding can you know the step-by-step steps and inspire your own ideas. Therefore, the source is learning.

For merchants, the cost is low, the profit is large, and the promotion efficiency is high. Because it is a virtual product, it can be sold repeatedly. Therefore, the benefits to members are: there is no trouble in shipping, and the commission ratio is large (usually above 50%, and the commission ratio of some clickbank products is as high as 75%).

In this regard, you can make aWordPress membership site, Or useLifterLMS,learndashSuch a course plug-in, making this kind of learning website is very simple.

21. Office Accessories

Amazon office hot-selling products: permanent comfortable cushion for office chairs-typhoon cushion-tailbone cushion-sciatica cushion (black)
Amazon office hot-selling products:Office chair black comfortable cushion

The demand for office supplies is very constant. In this regard, it can be said that this is an Ivy League niche product. Every business, organization, government department, etc. needs this product. In this big niche, the kind of small niche products that make the desk tidy and orderly are very popular.

This opens up new ways for affiliate marketers to make money by recommending office accessories for certain specific work spaces and occupations.

Note: For this kind of niche market products, don't just limit yourself to the keyword Office Accessories, use keyword tools to expand your analysis. For example, in the picture above, Amazon’s hot-selling products, take a look at this product’stitle, It should be enlightening.

22. Gardening Equipment

youtube video about promoting gardening tools & equipment
youtube video about promoting gardening tools & equipment

This member product is not only very popular abroad, but it is also good at home. Many people have their own small yards in their houses, and there are even a considerable number of people who own villas, using gardening equipment to beautify their living environment, which has a specific market demand. Moreover, the hobby of gardening is very effective in maintaining physical and mental health and reducing stress. A large number of DIY related videos from youtube can also illustrate the popular features of such products.

23. Kitchen Apparel and Equipment

Asian women making healthy meal in the kitchen at home
Asian women making healthy meal in the kitchen at home

This is a niche market and product related to gastronomy. Food should be regarded as a permanent niche, so the products associated with it will inevitably be popular. This is easy to understand.

You can look at the gourmet Internet celebritiesVideo teaching, The more popular on youtubeKitchenware video, There are also various recommendations on how to cook, the pots, shovel, tableware, knives, etc. they use, and even all kinds of seasonings. It is the demand for these products that makes them good membership products.

24. Lighting Products

Bedside lamp in bedroom
Bedside lamp in bedroom

This product is easy to understand, it can be said that it belongs to a permanent niche market. Product lighting products are the basic needs of most people. The lights in my house are replaced about once a year and a half. I have bought ceiling lights, bulbs and various LED lights.

It is very profitable to introduce lighting knowledge in this area and how to choose lighting equipment in your blog. Many users need these guidance. In this regard, I am a newbie. Before buying lighting equipment, I searched the Internet, but I did not see the system and professional introduction in this area. This is a long-term profitable niche market.

25. Computer Accessories

Computer accessories are also among the most profitable affiliate marketing products, and there will always be demand. Mouse pads, headsets, keyboards, gaming chairs, and accessories for laptops, such as foldable tables, protective covers, laptop stands, and other accessories. As a member, you should consider adding promotion on your website, and the price of such products is not high, but they are very popular.

Note: It is more advantageous to combine this kind of membership products with the game niche and find the intersection.

26. Insurance

The products involved in insurance and related keywords (such as credit cards) have been the most profitable affiliate marketing products for many years. Moreover, in google adsense ads, it is alsoThe most expensive Google keyword adsone.

27. Car Accessories & Interior

Simple car accessories, such as car humidifiers, foot pads, seat covers, air purifiers, and portable refrigerators, are all great options for selling as affiliate products.

28. Bicycle Add-Ons (bicycle accessories & accessories)

With the global pandemic of the epidemic, more and more people ride bicycles to commute to get off work and exercise. The current demand for bicycle accessories and accessories is increasing by leaps and bounds. It is also one of the profitable membership marketing products last year.

29. Bottles and Protein Shakers

This product is one of the most representative products sold in the most popular niche markets such as fitness and health diet.

30. Backpacks

Backpack products are combined with different niche keywords to form a variety of categories, such as fitness backpacks, student backpacks, travel backpacks, mountaineering bags, teenage backpacks, and so on. This product and market is also an evergreen niche product. Not only will the market demand not decrease or stop, but from the previous market sales trend, the demand will only increase, so this is a very good and promising member product that can earn A lot of commissions.

Summary & Tips

In fact, the above list is just a sample. If you want to make money as an affiliate, it is best to understand the latest market trends from start to finish. If many of the products and services selected are short-lived trends, they will soon be meaningless (unless the website has a lot of traffic).

In addition to relying on intuition, use professional investigative tools to conduct research.

In terms of researching market trends and hotspots, the most important and powerful (and free) tool isGoogle trends. Secondly, the more popular ones on the marketKeywords & SEO tools.

In fact, many people don't pay much attention. Look at Amazon Best Sellers often, and put some of the seller’s product keywords on it for search, which will bring many clues.

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